Looking after me, all those little health things on my list

*This is a health related collaborative post*

As a busy working mum, I always have a to-do list, and on that list is are a few things related to my health, that are important and that I can’t skip or move to the bottom of the list. I always say that I need to look after me, to be able to look after everyone else, and that includes looking after my health. There can be little things you can ignore but in the back of your head, there are niggles about getting them checked and there are regular things that you should maintain to make sure you are preventing issues. I want to live as long and healthy a life as possible and be around for my family for a long time.

So for me, as a woman of my age there are things I cannot skip and things that I make sure I attend to, to ensure that.


Checking my breasts – Breast cancer is a concern within my family, so I am rigorous about checking my breasts for lumps, bumps or anything that is unusual and if I have any worries I seek medical advice. It’s easy to check your breasts and doesn’t hurt, and most of the time, anything you might find will be benign, but it’s always best report any concerns you have to your medical practitioner. Don’t ignore it.

Checking my skin – As somoene with very fair skin, who burns easily in the sun, and who has had some pre cancerous skin cells removed from my face and scalp, I am very strict about checkin my skin, and any moles or marks that don’t look or feel right are noted and checked out. Agian, this is better safe than sorry and always worth keeping an eye on if you have a mole, or skin tag or skin issue that you are worried about. Skin cancer can be treated when caught early so it’s always better to seek advice as soon as you have a concern.

Keep track and having my smear test – these are very important. I hate having it done, and let’s face it, it’s not the nicest experience, as a woman, but it’s very important to attend your regular smear test to check for abnormal cells that could cause cancer. For me, at my age it’s once every three years and once it is done, I am relieved and can tick it off my list for another three years. If you are sexually active it’s also always worth keeping track of your sexual health and make sure you are keeping on top of any women’s health issues that can be dealt with easily and quickly (and for my US readers there’s a code here for a discount here too)

Making sure my vaccination record is up to date – I work with children. I love them, I love my job. But children can and do spread illnesses and this means I could be exposed. So making sure my regular and routine vaccinations are up to date and getting my annual flu shot is important. Part of my rationale is that it’s not only protecting me but protecting other people too.

All of these things are easy and can be slotted in so that I can make sure I am healthy and keeping on top of my health, and if there are any issues that they can be dealt with in good time to keep me going strong so I can continue to do all the things that being me entails. It’s important, don’t skip these things. If you haven’t booked a health check then now might be the time do to just that.

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