My Sunday Photo – pink roses, my favourite

If you follow me on social media you will know that I am slightly obsessed with roses, and they feature as often as I can take photos of them. They are my favourite flower and I love this time of year when they are in bloom. These are from my neighbours garden. He doesn’t mind us taking photos and they are a source of tremendous pride for him. These pink ones are particularly spectacular.


I am really hoping that when we make our first visit (socially distanced, of course) to Kew Gardens next week, now that it is open, that we will be able to walk through the rose garden, which one of my favourite places. We haven’t been anywhere since the week before lockdown, so it will be our first outing although I think it will be quite strange, as we won’t be allowed to visit some of the places we know, in the gardens, and all the social distancing rules will need to be followed which I still find stressful, although we all know that for now, they are still necessary. It has been a very hard few months, and something I am very much looking forward to. Let’s hope the weather behaves for us.

Some people think they are old fashioned flowers. I think they are too, but in the best way.

Stop and smell the roses, I say…

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