My Sunday Photo – happy as a busy bee in lavender

So this photo and the title are slightly cheating because you can not actually see any of the hundreds of bees that were in this lavender field. We literally were surrounded by bees who were so happy and busy and not bothered by humans and it smelled amazing and sounded just perfect with bees buzzing and birds in the background. If you want to see a bee in action then my Tiktok video is where you need to head. We visited Ham House which is our local National Trust property that is now safely able to open its gardens. I am cheerfully admitting that I was almost tearful as we walked in, as silly as that sounds. It was nice to do a little bit of normal in this crazy and still very uncertain time.

This photo isn’t brilliant. I wish I had actually taken my big proper camera because I would have been able to get much clearer, cleaner and crisper photos of the beauty around me. I am lucky enough to be getting a new phone this week which apparently has a better camera, although it’s a very new and fancier phone than I am used to, so it may take me a while to figure out turning it on, much less taking photos. Wish me luck with that!


We have only ever attempted to visit a lavender field properly once before with the children to try and take some photos of them for my mother in law. It was a bit of a fail but are you a real blogger if you haven’t at least tried to get picture-perfect photos of your kids skipping through a lavender field? It was one of those days that didn’t really work out despite our best efforts.

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  1. I visited the lavender fields for the first time this week in the Cotswolds, there were loads of families there, sheltering in their car with the kids dressed up, wicker picnic hampers and jaunty little hats all wanting to get the same picture for the ‘gram. There’s no way in a million years I would have dragged kids with me to places like that, trips out other than to seaside, parks or soft play always ended in a row/fight #mysundayphoto

  2. Well I think it’s a lovely photo and I can just imagine how nice it must have been to get out! I’ve never actually visited a lavender field, so I’m clearly not a proper blogger! I’m not sure photos of grumpy teenage boys would work so well as the cute photos ‘real’ bloggers post.

  3. It doesn’t sound silly to be tearful at all, we’re all craving that normality and really missing some simple things. Gorgeous lavender. I’m not sure about all the bees (I’m a bit of a scaredy cat), but my daughter would be very interested.

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