WASup. Gentle to skin & effective on wasp stings.

*This is a review post and we were kindly sent some WASup Wasp stings relief to try*

Wasp stings – fun fact, I am allergic to them. Ok, that isn’t so fun. Oddly enough though, I don’t mind wasps themselves, and I tend to think that like most creatures if you leave them alone, they will do the same back, but of course, that doesn’t always happen and wasp stings CAN happen. They can be a bit of a problem.

I always try to make sure my kids are calm and don’t flap when wasps are around. My theory being that if you flap and freak out then you are more likely to get stung and I also tend to think that as the one allergic to wasp stings it’s likely they will come find me first, in a sod’s law kind of way. So we try to keep calm when wasps are around to avoid being stung. I particularly love Micheal McIntyre’s skit about wasps and how people handle them. I am calm, my children flap, the husband is a “wafter”….

Unfortunately, Both my children have been stung by wasps and in the summer or when we are on holiday where it’s hot and wasps are prevalent, it can be a bit stressful trying to avoid them. Wasp stings can be painful and unpleasant no matter how old you are so I am always keen to find ways to deal with them, when they happen.

There are creams and lotions and things you can use to deal with wasp stings but when it’s urgent do you have those to hand?

WASup is a brilliant solution for when wasp stings happen and to have handy.

wasp stings

This device was born out of necessity when my 2 year old was stung by a wasp and there was nothing available to buy to relieve it.I subsequently discovered that the old wives’ tale about vinegar soothing wasp stings appeared to be true and have been using it on my children ever since!I wanted to try and make such a simple effective remedy accessible to everyone and spent years thinking of ways to do this.The result is WASuP – a portable device which releases a bamboo wipe when activated (be sure to press hard, preferably on a flat surface) which will be soaked in organic apple cider vinegar, ready to unroll and apply to the sting in seconds.WASuP contains natural, organic vinegar and is suitable for all ages! If however irritation does occur, wash thoroughly with water and discontinue use. Anyone suffering any breathing difficulties or anaphylactic reactions to stings must seek medical help immediately. Do not use near the eyes or in the mouth.With a biodegradable magic wipe and recyclable container, WASuP isn’t just great for you: WASuP is great for EVERYONE.

Basically this is neat little device that you can keep in any bag or pocket, perfect for travel, first aid kits, out and about, in a school bag, or work bag, or in the car, to pull out and use when a wasp sting happens. It’s natural, easy to use, eco friendly, and super convenient. Small enough to fit anywhere and because we know vinegar does work on wasp stings it’s an effective way to treat them with minimal fuss.

Wasp stings

So whilst my kids are flapping and my husband is wafting, I will be sitting calmly, as usual, knowing that at least IF someone gets stung, I will have something safe and effective to treat the sting and calm everyone down. You can purchase a WASup kit to have to hand, and we think they are well worth adding to your first aid and health kit for summer and any time wasp stings might be an issue.

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