My Sunday Photo – finer details, look for them.

Sometimes it’s the finer details in life that you have to look for to appreciate them properly. Look harder, look closer, you might be surprised.

finer details

You see a little boy’s hand, dirty, nails bitten and a scruffy flower seed, blown and battered. We call these fairies, by the way.

I see a hand that has spent a busy day, exploring, learning, drawing, eating, getting dirty in the garden, questioning, playing, constantly talking, never stopping, full of life.

I have never been one to worry about my kids getting dirty, getting into things, and whilst I do sometimes gently guide them away from the mess and causing chaos every now and then, I have grown relaxed in my parenting and generally live the mantra that a messy child is a happy child. Kids and clothes can be washed.

The finer details of life, finding a fairy seed, catching it, worrying about damaging it, and talking about it, how it grows, where it has come from, and what happens to it, planting it, and now waiting to see if it actually grows.

Just one tiny moment from my week. It’s never dull, or boring round here. I don’t think I would have it any other way. Sometimes I wish for a little more peace and quiet, but I think we would get bored if that happened too often.

We roll into a summer holiday with no time away, and restrictions thanks to Covid19. More staying home, less adventures this year. But we plan to enjoy the small things and make the best of life, before hopefully some vague return to normal, in the autumn. We shall what the next few weeks won’t we?

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Darren Coleshill

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  1. We’ll be doing the same (but with my working from home still thrown in. He’ll have to entertain himself on the farm in the middle). Great detail on this!

  2. we are the same with DD1’s kids that come back soggy, boggy and happy with goodness only knows what it their hair and shoes/wellies.
    DD2 is a bit less relaxed on this score but they are both happy with their own styles

  3. That’s a lovely photo. I love dandelion seeds. I always used to call them fairies as a child too. I’m with you on the mantra that children and clothes can always be washed. There’s a lot of beauty in those small things in life. #project366

  4. My kids love exploring and getting filthy. We have found more creatures this year, not sure if it is because we are out more or because we are more vigilant

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