How to make your home green so it’s more attractive to buyers

*This is a collaborative post on how to make your home green so it’s more attractive to buyers that we hope is helpful*

We live in an age where more and more people are going ‘green’ and looking for ways they can help protect the environment.

This new breed of people also look for this in properties and often don’t mind paying over the odds providing your house meets their green standards.

Below we’ve listed a number of ways you as a homeowner can make your home green so it becomes more attractive to these types of buyers!

1) Insulate your home

Insulating your home makes your home greener because it keeps your home warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter which ultimately leads to you using less energy to keep warm/cool.

It is estimated that keeping your home 2 degrees warmer during the winter & 2 degrees cooler in the summer can save you a whopping 15% in energy bills. Some areas you should pay attention to when insulating include:

 Windows – make sure they close properly and there are no cracks around the panels.

 Drafty areas – these should be sealed as best as possible so your home can retain heat better.

If there is any area that you feel you can improve but cannot do yourself – contact a professional.

2) Plant a tree

Property buying specialists Housebuyers4u recommends planting a tree as one of the ways to make your home more green and eco-friendly. They say “This can be a little tough as weather conditions play a part but is still very doable and easy compared to other ways”.

Trees also provide shade and oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide.

This is a very efficient way to give back to the environment & make your home more attractive to green home buyers.

3) Go solar

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun harnessed using a range of ever-evolving technologies such as solar heating.

Although this one is a little more expensive to implement there is no doubt that solar panels are very attractive to green home buyers.

Just be sure to add the cost of them to your final house price so you don’t lose out!

4) Get double glazing windows

Although already quite common, there are still many homes without double glazing windows. Double glazing windows are the best form of insulation and can help you save money.

The best frames are wooden, but they should be from a sustainable forest. PVC is the worst material because it cannot be recycled so keep this in mind and be sure to mention it to any potential buyers.

5) Upgrade to a smart thermostat

This is a relatively small change but is definitely worth mentioning as a smart thermostat will help regulate the temperature of your home. For example, when you’re not at home you can set it to drop the temperature.

Not only do these save you money on energy bills but they also make your home more eco-friendly.

6) Install a wind turbine

When people think of wind turbines they often think of those very large ones in open fields. But these aren’t the only type of wind turbines you can get!

You can also get wind turbines specifically made for your home and are great ways to generate renewable electricity for your home.

That said, these aren’t suitable for all homes and also work best in windy areas so be sure to take these points into account before investing.

We hope the 6 ways we’ve presented are able to help you make your home feel greener which results in it being more attractive to potential buyers & in turn leads to a quicker house sale!

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