Household favourite laundry brand ACE, is delighted to announce the launch of the most advanced formula product to enter the range, ACE Ultra for Whites. We are big fans of their laundry products so this is good news as back to school and uniform washing looms.

ACE Ultra for Whites is a brand-new formulation designed to target household stains whilst restoring whites TWELVE times faster in the first cycle than the leading alternative. Using patented Optical Brightener technology, ACE Ultra is the most revolutionary product to come to the laundry market, leading in restoration whitening and bleachable and enzymatic stain removal.

Independent testing conducted by WFK – the leading cleaning technology institute, found that ACE Ultra performed quicker in ‘through the wash’ and ‘pre-treatment’ white restoration tests, with ACE Ultra producing equal results in thirty minutes compared to six hours required by the leading comparable, competitor product.

ACE Ultra for Whites Optical Brightener technology contains a special molecule capable of absorbing invisible UV rays and reflecting them making the material not only brighter but the appearance of ‘yellowing’ is eliminated. The thicker ACE variety is also scented to eliminate any chlorine smell associated with bleaching products, making the product very family-friendly.

Shirley Peet, Marketing Manager for ACE in the UK comments: “ACE Ultra is a revolutionary product and a great addition to the range. Proven by the independent test that has been conducted, this product cannot be beaten on speed when whitening your whites, but equally, it is just as effective on stubborn household stains too.”


To celebrate the launch, leading companies, brands and a children’s author have joined forces to spread a little love, joy and kindness by providing packs of competition prizes to not only help families to cope with the children going back to school, financially but also providing some fun things for the children to alleviate any anxiety about the return to school.


The brand has partnered with Scrub DaddyIMO Mobile, children’s book Mug the Wumph the Dancing Nitwits are Splat. More prize partners are likely to join the competition in due course.

If you would like to nominate your friend who you think is ACE and could do with a boost this summer, you can submit their details via the website There are 20 prizes available to those nominated by their friend, plus every person who nominates will be entered into a draw for one super nominator prize. Competition entries are open from 10th – 26th August 2020. Share your love with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #mymateisace.

ACE Ultra for Whites is available in Morrisons now.  ACE offers a wide range of laundry products, for more information visit

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