Back to school with everything clearly labeled

*We were kindly sent items to share on how everything is clearly labeled as we go back to school*

As we plan for and send our kids back to school, there is a long list of things to do, and making sure everything is clearly labeled is important, so kids know what belongs to them, and things don’t get lost. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a new kit for your kids, some of it being rather expensive (school uniform, for example) and it getting misplaced, lost, taken home by someone else, or just “missing mysteriously”. I know this well. It’s very frustrating.

Making sure everything is marked or personalised clearly is the best way to go and although my teenager is older and very responsible with her belongings now, I do still make sure she has all her things with her name on them. It makes life much less stressful.

We sew or iron in labels to her uniform and shoes, and inside her school bag, PE bag, PE kit, and all her personal items, like pencil cases with sticky name labels and she has some personalised and named items too.

Back to school also means back to germs, coughs, colds, bugs and now we face Covid19 too, so having items that are hers alone is important and Proper Goose has a beautiful selection of water bottles and other things that can make sharing less likely and means kids can keep track of their own things more easily.

everything clearly labeled

Sharing used to be caring but for pupils returning to school this September, personalized stationery and gifts are a good way to ensure children are keeping their distance. UK-based personalized retailer Proper Goose has a selection of Back to School items.

‘Swig with style’ personalised water bottles 
Personalised water bottles by Proper Goose come in a variety of designs from rainbows and sharks, to animal prints and geometrics. For the plain personalised bottles, your child can choose the colour and font of their name. Great for kids to keep replenished on the go and to ensure that they drink from their own bottles. 
Each bottle is made from BPA-free clear plastic and comes with a handy lid in either black or blue, which can be locked to avoid spillages.

Personalised stationery
Rainbow and star covered personalised notebooks can help your children keep up to date with their schoolwork and ensure their scribbles won’t get lost. Other gifts include wooden, patterned rulers.
Notebooks start at £8.40. Rulers are priced at £10.

We are pretty much all good to go, with everything she needs including a sturdy, but also personalised just for her water bottle, along with all her stationery, new clothes, school shoes, bags and everthing she needs.

I think we are ready. I think we have everything clearly labeled. Now we go back and see what the new term and back to school has to bring our way. Hopefully, at least nothing she owns will get lost or go missing or be borrowed by anyone else…

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  1. Part of me feels bad that I have never sewed a name label on like my Mum used to do. I have always been lazy and gone for stickers.
    The Proper Goose stuff looks great and I love the name. #ParentPower

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