Why I want to replace our carpet with wooden flooring

*This is a collaborative post about the benefits of wooden flooring we hope you will find helpful*

One of the things that are on my to-do list for our home, is to eventually remove most of the old, tatty, and faded carpets in our house and replace them. I am not a fan of carpet for flooring for many reasons. It gets very dirty, it can harbor germs and its lifespan of looking nice can be limited (especially if you have children and pets as we do) Our home is carpeted throughout other than the hall and kitchen and it’s a huge chore to keep the carpets clean and looking reasonable.

Carpet is a virtual magnet for allergens like dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, and other potentially aggravating proteins. Allergens are antigens, typically proteins, that provoke allergic reactions like coughing and sneezing in people with hypersensitive immune systems.

I think there is a place for carpet, so please don’t think I hate it, but I also think that wooden floors in certain areas of the house are much more practical and also look better. They are easier to keep clean and if you choose a good quality solid wooden floor style that suits your home and your family’s needs, then you should have floor surfaces that stay looking good and last the test of time in your home.

wooden flooring

Wooden flooring has many advantages and benefits over carpet:

It’s easier to clean. You can sweep and wipe it, and because it’s tougher it’s more likley to resist stains.

It’s more durable and hardwearing, so it works well for busy families who will put it through it’s paces in a family home.

It’s a classic look. Choose a style that fits your home that will work even if you change the decor or room usage.

It’s far better for people with dust and other allergies because there are less hiding places for dust and mites and allergens to lurk.

It can also add value to your home. Wooden flooring, if you look after them, can make a home look inviting, stylish and also cosy. Add some rugs and make sure the floor is swept and polished and you have a classic look that will last for years and is much more livable with than carpet.

So, my plan is to rip out all the carpet and get wooden flooring in place. It’s going to make a big difference to the look and feel of our home and make me happy. I remember thinking my parents were strange, when I was a child, when they got excited about house furnishings, now I understand why.

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