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*Be:Loved kindly asked us to review their products and share them with our readers*

Our pets are amazing, and we love them, and they love us back (mostly, sometimes Layla makes it clear she really doesn’t approve of our life choices and hasn’t really ever forgiven me for having children) and it’s our job to look after them and make sure they are getting everything they need.

Sometimes our pets get messy and into things they shouldn’t or they get dirty and grubby as part of their daily adventures. Dogs are well known for their love of getting muddy and dirty and having a doggy smell but cats can sometimes get a bit, ahem, whiffy, too.

Layla is a part Persian cat, she came to us as a tiny ball of fluff, and our vet told us that part of looking after her would be regular grooming. She is very fluffy and often needs her fur-trimmed to keep it neat and easy for her to manage self-grooming.


We have found that Be:Loved make some fantastic, gentle and pet safe products that help us look after Layla, pamper her and keep her clean and fresh.

Sometimes, we have what we fondly call in our house “Poo bum”. If you are an owner of a long hair pet, you probably know what this is, but basically for the unaware, it’s when poo gets stuck in fur around a pet’s bum and they need a little help to get clean.

Be:Loved has a very gentle pet shampoo bar that we find works well to clean icky areas of fur, that leaves her clean and fresh. She doesn’t like being cleaned but she doesn’t like being mucky either so it gets the job done and that’s the most important thing.

If your pet is a frequent fox-poo roller, then this shampoo bar is for you! It gives a glossy coat, with a reassuringly clean scent thanks to the natural blend of tea tree essence and the growth-boosting benefits of green tea extract. Antibacterial tea-tree oil helps to keep your pets’s coat free from lice and bacteria – making them an even cuddlier friend to snuggle up with.

They also have a wonderful Paw and Nose balm that smells amazing and is gentle to sore paws and noses, great for winter or when paws get dry and sore.

Handmade with paws in mind, our soothing balm for four-legged friends has been formulated using intensively nourishing ingredients. Perfect for pets with cracked paw pads, elbow callouses or dry noses, a little of this gorgeous essential-oil and shea-butter enriched balm will nourish, soothe and moisturise problem areas.

My particular favourite though is their Be Fresh spray. Handy for those slightly less than cute whiffs and smells even the poshest cat sometimes emits and for odours in rooms and furnishings. It smells fresh and helps to eliminate smells. We use it in the bathroom when Madame has visited her litter tray…

Our natural prebiotic spray will prolong a healthy, clean environment for you and your pet. This versatile product eliminates odours, cleans, kills germs, and contains active ingredients that get to work again if re-soiling occurs.

We love Be:Loved products and whilst Layla is sometimes a bit grumpy, she likes being looked after and pampered so she approves too. They are made especially for pets, and with pets and pet owners in mind so it’s good to know we are looking after her using products made that are good for her. They also make other items like scented candles to help make rooms where pets hang out smell fresher, and other bath, body and skincare products. They even make a gentle sun protection balm for pets. We think they are Purrfect and pawsome.

We love Be:Loved so much we have a giveaway to share with our readers. We have a set of Be:Loved Products to giveaway to one lucky pet owner.

We have one tin of Be Soft Balm and one Be Fresh Spray to giveaway. These are great items that you and your pet will get a lot of use out of and are very handy or a great gift for a pet owner too.

All you need to do to enter to win is leave one pet care tip that you know works well in the comments then head over to the link to complete your entry. Good luck. Keep your paws crossed it’s you that wins!

Be:Loved Giveaway Paw balm and freshener spray RRP £20

One winner will be chosen on the 15th of November and contacted to let them know they have one. Please see the terms and conditions via the link and our GDPR policy for our privacy and data sharing information.

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  1. Keep a towel in the car so that if it starts raining when you go out for the day, you can dry your dog before they get in the car. I also have a blanket to wrap him in so he keeps warm.

  2. When transporting our dog in the car for our country hikes I always take a towel and blanket in case it rains. I can then dry him off before he gets back in the car, and wrap him up to keep warm until we get home.

    • Most recently it was advice to use a calming plug in for my mums cat. He’s terrified of fireworks and usually digs himself into a tiny corner but with the plug in on he sat in the livingroom with mum and was purring!

  3. If you notice your Dog has acid reflux switch to a bowl that slows them down when eating. This worked wonders for our girl and we didn’t need to put her on medication.

  4. let you young puppy play in the bath as soon as possible, pit in alittle warm water and his toys. It will make bathing him so much easier

  5. Get cats and kittens used to being handled and touched all over so that, when you need to groom them, it will be much easier.

  6. Get your pet comfy next to you on your lap when brushing then you aren’t chasing them around and they see it as a nice experience

  7. Dogs may behave in a grumpy way towards another dog, especially if they are on a lead. Dogs are more likely to go into fight mode as their only option, if they know they cannot run away from imminent danger.

  8. One of my cats is long haired and suffers with hair balls. During the lockdown I couldn’t get his hairball paste treat so after a little Googling and talking to my vet I’ve found that a little oil from a tin of tuna or a dribble of olive oil mixed in with his food helps coat any hair in his digestive system and has stopped him throwing up clumps of fur.

  9. One of my cats is long haired and suffers with hair balls. During the lockdown I couldn’t get his hairball paste treats so with a little Googling and talking to my vet I discovered that a little oil from a tin of tuna or a dribble of olive oil mixed into his food works just as well. He hasn’t suffered with hairballs since which is a bonus for everyone.

  10. Kittens are like toddlers haha, you turn your back on them for a second and their up to no good lol. Always make sure you have your eyes on them when their young. I turned to dry my hair getting out the bath and plonk, my nosey curious kitten fell in the bath. She was fine just a little shook up and looked like a drown rat till I dryed her off with the hairdryer.

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