Our week in photos – Covid vaccine part 1

This week our week in photos sums up a rather busy and hectic week and the news that we, or at least one of us, has had a first Covid Vaccine. The husband became eligible this week so he got to proudly wear my slightly cheeky and humorous badge after he took himself off early last Tuesday to get his first shot. We are very pleased as we both want to get back to some normal and be around people and he plans to be back at work next month one day a week, so being protected and protecting others is really important to both of us. One down for him, one to go in a few weeks time and I hope to get mine very soon too so I can wear the badge as well.

covid vaccine

Last week we wrote about coming out of lockdown and what we were feeling. This week we are EXHAUSTED because life has started to go back to normal and whilst that’s brilliant, it’s also rather tiring. Ballet classes have started, gymnastics is back, swimming classes are back, and we have started singing lessons and are looking forward to other activities coming back too. It’s been a long 5 months of zoom at home, for which we are very grateful, but we are glad to be back in real life but also realising that adjusting to it all is a bit tiring so we are pacing ourselves.

The husband and I were able to grab coffee and cake alone this week, too, which was great and the charity shops opened which is a huge relief as we had LOTS of bags of stuff to take to our local two shops we like to support. The car boot is finally clear and I am not falling over bags in the hall anymore. I did a lot of cleaning and decluttering and getting rid of old clothes that are not worn or too small for the children so it was a relief to get it all out of the house.

We are keeping up with our twice weekly covid tests and so far so good and now the weather is slowly improving so we hope to be able to get back in the garden again this week and plant our seedlings and get our lawn sorted for the summer.

Back to school for the teen this week after the easter break and the boy and I start the summer term of homeschool working up to Year 7 at home (more on that in a few weeks and our secondary school choices and what is going to work for us)

With that, I am off to try and pick my tired family off the various sofas where they have flopped, exhausted by NORMAL life, and hopefully, we will all get some sleep. You can see what we have been up to here on Instagram too


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  1. I feel your pain with the charity shops. I’ve been driving round for months with a car boot full, and here’s stacks by the front door. My usual charity shop only have drop off between 11-1, but that time’s a nightmare for me, I’d need to go earlier. So I’m a bit stuck at the moment. Might have to take it somewhere else.

  2. hahaha! I love the badge.
    So glad your husband has had the vaccine. I hope he felt OK afterwards.
    I have been so busy too with everything opening back up. I feel like I need a few days just to take a break. x

  3. I love the Covid vaccination badge! Glad your husband has had his first one. Hope you get yours soon. How lovely to be able to take things to the charity shop – I really need to do that at some point! I can relate to the exhaustion of getting back to activities – it’s lovely but it’s a bit of a shock to the system after so many months of doing them on Zoom! Hope you got some time to recover too. #project365

  4. I really need to get our bits to the charity shops too. The badge made me laugh, my husband has his jab before me too and I am with you on the exhausted. I think I have forgotten all the little tricks that helped with the juggling acts.

  5. I’m the same, bagfuls of charity shop stuff, but the shop we support only has 1 hour a day of drop off right in the middle of working hours. So don’t know when I’ll be abl to drop it all off. The first week back to activities is always hard.

  6. Gosh no wonder your feeling exhausted now everything has restarted. I think the boys kickboxing starts next week. But they don’t have any other clubs so I don’t have much rushing around anymore. So pleased your husband has had his jab and can wear the badge with pride!

  7. We ditched some of our clubs because of COVID and I cannot believe how much we managed to fit in. Sebby is back at swimming though and the kids are all back at Beavers / Cubs and Scouts. Hope your husband felt ok after his jab

  8. Glad the vaccines have started to happen in your house. It has been tiring, hasn’t it! I love that we are starting to get back to normal but it is only now we know how much energy it takes! It must have been nice getting a coffee and cake without the kids #365

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