Meal plan Monday – bring on winter comfort food

Welcome to Meal Plan Monday and this week, we are back and talking about winter comfort food. I am not a fan of winter, and generally find the darker, colder and often damp days pretty miserable, but I do like winter food and making meals that are comforting and warming for winter evenings and weekends.

Winter comfort food

Because we are now both working from home, and juggling homeschooling and work, we have moved our grocery shopping to a Friday, so we can manage life more easily, so I plan for the weekend as well as the week.

I all about the stews and the cassaroles and soups and the teen is taking soups to school every day with fresh bread. Because I am working from home I am able to spend more time planning and cooking and digging my cookbooks out. So here is our week and what we are eating…

Friday – I recently realised I had a craving for the dough balls my mum used to make with casseroles when I was a child, so we are enjoying them with various casseroles. They are filling, cheap and easy to make which is always a win.

Saturday – is adults-only meal night. We throw quick and easy food at the kids and then I make something special for the husband and I. He’s asked for Goan curry so I am using a Spice Pots kit and making that for him.

Sunday – we are keeping it simple with a big midday brunch breakfast meal and then picky bits for supper. Normally I do a roast dinner but we have some plans to do some last bits of gardening before the winter sets in so this is less hassle. I also get other people to wash up for me.

Monday roasted gnocchi and meatballs. I have vegetable meatballs I use, which work well.

Tuesday – Jacket potatoes and salad. The boy has a later online French class so dinner needs to be quick and simple.

Wednesday – both kids have dance classes. They are online due to lockdown and being at home, but they both do a class at home and it lands at dinner time so good old faithful and easy pesto pasta wins for me.

Thursday – I empty the fridge and use stuff in the freezer. This helps use up food, reduce food waste and also makes space for the next food shop and allows me to plan.

And that, as they say is it.

One thing I am missing in lockdown and Covid is feeding people. Having people in my home. I really am looking forward to that, when life goes more back to normal. But for now, winter comfort food and feeding my family it is…

What are you eating this week?


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  1. Ohh! I love food in the winter. It is so warming and comforting.
    I’m going to make a curry over the next couple of weeks trying out the Spice Pots.
    Great meal plan. I am missing feeding people too. I would often cook extra for my dad and his partner but as we’re not mixing cooking less is taking some getting used to x

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