When in doubt about a gift idea, give a gift card…

*This is a collaborative post. Sharing how sometimes the answer to tricky gift buying is to give a gift card… *

Sometimes you need to give someone a gift, but you can’t decide what to get them, or they are hard to buy for, or they may live far away and posting or getting an actual gift to them is a bit trickier.

A gift card is a brilliant and convenient idea, and Voucher Express “Your choice” gift cards make it easy.

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VEX Gift Cards : Our most versatile gift product by far and arguably one of the best gift choices on the Internet today.

The VEX Gift Card (also known as a VEX Gift Certificate) a swap-out product from Voucher Express which can be used like money to order gift vouchers and gift cards from this site. Send a Voucher Express Gift Card for maximum high street spending options, anything from Fashion & Homeware Gift Cards to experience days.

Gift Cards from Voucher Express end the age-old dilemma of what gift to send. Now your recipient has the option of every Voucher and store featured on Voucher Express – thousands of individual shops with the biggest retail brands in Britain.

Values available: £10 – £250

Voucher Express Gift Cards and Vex Gift Certificates are easy to buy and easy to use and include the cost of sending the vouchers or cards to any UK address.

This is how it works:

Buy a VEX Gift Card
Choose a VEX Gift Card, select a value and pay for it at the checkout using your credit or debit card.

We send it.
We will send a VEX Gift Card, in an attractive gift wallet and envelope, bearing your individual gift message, to your selected delivery address.

Use the Gift Card.
Select Gift Vouchers or Gift Cards from the extensive range of major retailers at www.voucherexpress.co.uk
At the checkout enter the unique code to deduct the value of the Gift Card.
VEX Gift Cards can also be redeemed by phone by calling 0371 384 5931.

We send the Vouchers.
Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards are despatched within two working days.

So the person who gets the gift card can then go and choose a gift card for any of the many shops the card can be used for and then they can choose exactly what they want or need. That way you are happy because they have a gift they want, can use and enjoy, and they are happy too.

It’s a win all round and so easy to organise. Just how I like it. I am all for making things simple.

So when in doubt, give a gift card. One less thing to worry about when you are doing Christmas, birthday or special event shopping for that harder to buy person.

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  1. Yep! I have a 19 year old nephew that I never know what to buy so give him a gift card or money every year. I feel like I am giving him something he can use instead of boring socks or a smelly set x

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