Not embracing the grey hair and that’s ok

There, I said it – I am not going to let grey hair take over any time soon, I plan to cover my grey hair and use colour for a long time to come. That’s actually ok, despite what seems the trend calling for people to embrace it.

It’s not that I am ageist, I actually think some people look fabulous with grey hair. I know a few people in real life who have let the grey come through and it looks good.

I can’t get my head around people who are twenty-something dying their hair gray, long before they have to actually deal with grey hair, but that’s a just me.

I am very fortunate that so far, I have few gray hairs, to bother me. Yes, it does bother me. My hair is brownish ginger and grey hair does not look good mixed in. I am also not ready to accept that somehow I am older. I resist the trend to just wear a bikini when I don’t want to, and this time around I am resisting the call to let the gray come through. It’s my hair, and I don’t want to. I don’t like how it looks and I don’t plan to embrace it any time soon.

Grey hair doesn’t look good on everyone, despite what social media will tell you. If I leave my grey hairs, they tend to be a sort of rusty silver-ish or yellowish colour and they don’t look nice. I am still at the stage where it’s just the odd grey hair rather than roots, or large sections of hair, and because I don’t use full hair colour on my hair, I don’t have regrowth.

I like my current hair colour. In my late teens and early twenties I experiemented with hair colour and hair dye, and stules. The children I nannied for used to try and guess what colour my hair would be when I came to work at one point, after the weekends. I actually fried my poor hair dying it blonde, trying black, and all sorts of shades. I eventually learned to love it in it’s natural state and also realised that colouring it was not doing it any good, was expensive and time consuming so I stopped.

grey hair

At the moment I don’t need to do much to it, to cover the odd grey hair, and when they do become more evident I will need to find what makes me happy. For now, I use a henna shampoo and a henna conditioner. This hair colour product also works well and is free of some of the nastier hair dye chemicals that aren’t good for hair or scalps.

Hair and hair colour and style and preferences are very personal. For me, grey is just not there yet and I refuse to let it creep in. Maybe I will be one of those old ladies with a purple rinse, refusing to show my natural colour. For now, I am good with not embracing the grey, and that’s ok.

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  1. I hate my grey hair. It comes through so fast. I do use a professional colour treatment to colour it but nothing lasts long.

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