Our Daily Life 14/06/21

It’s Monday again. We had a delightful if not a slightly exhausting weekend. I am slowly realizing that I am not as young as I like to pretend I am and whilst we thoroughly having guests over this weekend for a meal and a long-needed and awaited catch up, a 1:30 am bedtime is not wise when you have to be up the next day and pretend you can manage adult life. We have spent so long in Covid restrictions that we have forgotten how nice it is to see people and relax and enjoy time with them.

So we had a lovely Saturday and a gentle recovery. Our weekends are incredibly busy because of the boy’s ballet curriculum, and a lot of to and fro to classes and pick ups. We don’t mind because we try and grab alone adult time, in between, even if it’s just sitting in the car, drinking coffee, not being interuptted by children arguing with each other.

And so we roll into Monday. Back to homeschool, back to school and exams for the teen (she’s very anxious, they didn’t do exams in Year 8 due to Covid lockdown so this is her first taste of proper revision and pressure. To be fair she has worked very hard, and I have not had to nag her to revise or study. She is not like I was, at school, I hated exams and revision and didn’t cope well or want to do well. How I managed to leave school with good grades and exam results is still a mystery. She takes after her dad who is good at studying. I suspect she will do fine, but she’s still anxious about it all.

It’s also too hot. I know, I whine about winter, and the cold weather tries to kill me, but I also don’t like the UK when it’s too hot either. Is it just me? I blame my Scottish genetics. I like Mondays, unlike most people. I find them gentle and kind start to my week.

Tomorrow is my working day. It takes a lot of prep and managing, juggling homeschool, a busy group I run and then work meetings.

As a family we are making some fairly big decisions about work, things that are important in our life, and some pretty big changes are ahead of us, so we are hoping for a quiet roll into this week and most of June whilst we process things and start to face some changes we hadn’t planned on but need to happen. Some of this I will share as we feel it’s right.

I do share about my mental health and some other things over on my private non-blog Twitter account, feel free to follow me there if you would like.

Let’s roll into this week.

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