Our daily life 15/06/21

The one where we avoided a hospital admission, just. 

Today has been long. I’m super tired. 

It didn’t go as planned. 

I was meant to go to work, have lunch with friends I haven’t seen for 18 months and attend a meeting. 

Instead, it’s been an asthma worrying day. The teen has asthma and most of the time we manage and we have it handled. But this past 24 hours has had my “mum instinct” telling me things weren’t right. 

We’ve been in hospital getting medication and on top of things today and narrowly avoided her being admitted to stay overnight. 

As it is I am now on night nurse duty tonight with four hourly medication and observations to make sure she’s doing ok and that she doesn’t need to go back to hospital. 

She’s jittery. I’m tired. But I’m grateful for our NHS and the lovely paediatric nurse team who helped us today. 

So fingers crossed we all get some sleep and that we don’t need another visit. 

The husband gets his second Covid vaccine tomorrow too. I’ll be relieved when we’ve both had that done. 

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