Our Daily Life 24/06/21

Somehow life skipped a few days and my daily check in and brain dump didn’t happen because life was happening too much for me to juggle. We ended last week with the teen jittery with steroids but able to breathe easier, then entered the weekend and this week with a very poorly cat. Layla is our grand old lady, of 16 years and when she gets poorly I worry, and she was not well for a good 72 hours and let’s just say I am glad I have an industrial carpet cleaner because she was not discrete sharing whatever was wrong with her and it wasn’t fun. A lot of antibiotics, stomach-settling medication, and cleaning up and watching her and we are now pretty confident that whatever, it was either an infection or some sort of food poisoning, has worked its way out and we are on the tail (sorry, couldn’t help it) end of things.

Work and my “day job” has been intense for me, and I am hoping that the summer means things will slow down a little. I enjoy what I do, but it’s often rather taxing emotionally and takes a fair bit of my time so I will be glad of the summer and some space.

We had a lovely day out at Kew today, with friends, doing some art. It was cathartic to be doing normal and enjoying some sunshine and time out from schoolwork.

It’s Friday tomorrow, and I am glad. Is it just me?

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