Our Daily Life 09/07/21

If I said I was spinning a lot of plates I wouldn’t be joking. 

Many plates. Some mine, some ours, some other peoples. 

I haven’t blogged properly for two weeks.

I haven’t even got half way through my to do list. 

It will slow down. The school holidays start in two weeks and we will breathe a bit easier and I will hopefully find some time to relax. 

We aren’t going away this year, again.m or at least not abroad. Going away during a pandemic even if our government is telling us to all go back to normal and that we just need to learn to live with Covid, doesn’t feel right. I don’t think having to worry about Covid restrictions in another country is relaxing and I don’t enjoy holidays in the U.K. and even if we wanted to the cost of a U.K. holiday is insanely expensive this year. So staycationing in the U.K. it is. We have some plans. If I remember how to blog properly again I might share them! 

This week we have managed to get lots of homeschool done, we’ve had two day trips out and started to interview and try out tutors for maths for September (because I know my limitations and we will need help with homeschool maths) and I’ve also managed to persuade the husband that we need some new storage furniture and to deep clean, blitz and paint our bathroom so that’s fun too. 

The best bit of this week was our grand old lady turning 16. Considering they said she’d die as a kitten, that’s not bad. She went a teeny bit viral on Twitter too! 

So I’ll keep spinning my plates and sharing the mundane bits here for now. 

Just keep swimming right? 

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  1. The school holidays can’t come soon enough. We’ve been busy with the home learning for the past week. The school was closed because of too many cases. Hats off to you doing it full time.
    We’re not planning on going away either, just a few days out maybe.
    Happy birthday to Layla and hooray for going viral on Twitter. x

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