Kids Against Maturity – being the worst is best

*We were kindly sent Kids Against Maturity to try. All opinions are our own*

I think even the name of this game makes it appealing, don’t you? Kids Against Maturity is a brilliantly fun family game where being the worst is actually the best.

kids against maturity

Are your kids bored with Apples to Apples and too young for Cards Against Humanity?

Kids Against Maturity fills that empty gap with age-appropriate toilet humor for the whole family to enjoy. Poopy fart humor for the kids with layered innuendos for the adults. The best game for both worlds, Kids Against Maturity brings the family together for a massively fun game that will have kids and adults alike rolling with laughter.

This is the perfect game for kids to play and its just at the right level to appeal to tweens and teens who may not be ready to play older games but still have their sense of humour where talking about farts and bodily functions is involved. It’s also great as an adult game actually, and hilarious to play as a family. My eleven-year-old loves this game and it’s easy to play and understand and the humour might be toilet based but the rules are simple and easy to follow.

About the game:

The game pack comes with 500 question and answer cards, one set of rules cards, and a box to store it in. It’s very small and compact and easy to transport so great for holidays, camping, or travel.

You start with each person having ten question cards and ten answer cards.

The person with the hairiest knuckles gets to start as the question reader. When we play as a family, that is actually me (that’s a whole other post for another day, as I wonder how I have ended up with the hairiest knuckles in the house?!)

 After the Question card on the top of the deck is read out loud, the rest of the players lay their funniest Answer card face down.

The Answer card chosen by the Question reader wins that round, and the Question card is handed over to the Answer provider.

Playing clockwise from the first reader, each player takes a turn reading a Question card. Everyone needs to make sure they keep ten cards so draw cards each time to do that.


The player with the predetermined amount of the most and funniest cards chosen by the Question readers wins the game. If you don’t have a sense of humour, at this point you realise you shouldn’t be playing and should probably go and clean the toilet instead or go for a jog.

It’s a funny, face paced game and it certainly makes for intersting playing when you hadn’t realised how warped your family’s sense of humour is.

This would make a brillaint gift for older kids and is definately one that will be staying in our games collection. You can also get extension and additional packs to make the game fresher and more fun once you have played it a few times too.

So if you like hilarity, or want a fun new game for your kids to enjoy, Kids Against Maturity is the answer.

It’s kid and parent-approved here…

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