Don’t use fake tan products before your LASER hair removal treatment

*This is a collaborative post sharing some tips and advice before you consider laser hair removal treatments. We hope it’s helpful*      

The frequency and the intensity of the Laser beam emanating out of the Laser equipment used at skin clinics offering Laser hair eradication treatment is safe for all skin types but in case you are an ardent user of fake tanning products then it is very important that you pay attention to the information shared in the sections below.

What Is Fake Tan?

If you are a user of fake tanning products then you might be familiar with what fake tan products are and what they do but this section is meant for those who have no idea about fake tan.

Fake tan is a category of cosmetic product that allows a person to artificially make their skin appear dark.

Why Is Fake Tan Bad News For You Especially If You Are Going For Laser Hair Eradication Treatment?

As mentioned earlier, the Laser beam used in skin clinics that offers unwanted hair removal or eradication treatment is safe as its intensity is well within the safe limits. In simple terms, the Laser beam will not do any harm to your skin.

LASER hair removal treatment

But there is a catch:

Fake tanning products are packed with artificial skin darkening pigments that can inadvertently divert the hair removing capabilities of the Laser beam from the target area. The result is simple to understand – the Laser beam will not be able to fully eradicate the hair strands from the targeted area(s).

Furthermore, fake tanning products will compel your skin to absorb more energy emanating from the Laser beam and this will lead to burns or excessive irritation – your skin’s natural way of signalling you that it was a very bad idea to wear your fake tan to the skin clinic!

The best step forward is to steer clear from direct sunlight for a while if you have plans to get Laser body hair eradication treatment sometime this week or this month. Stay away from beaches as sand is a great reflector of the UV rays present in direct sunlight.

Next up, stay away from tanning parlours as well as spray tan and related fake tanning products/services as these will do more harm than good for you!

For more details, make sure that you have a detailed discussion with your preferred dermatologist or with your doctor before you book an appointment for Laser body hair eradication treatment.

Can You Use Fake Tan Products After Laser Hair Eradication Treatment?

Your skin after unwanted hair removal or eradication treatment will be sensitive for a while which is why you will witness that the treated area is either red or has started showing signs of swelling.

Hence, applying fake tanning products will be similar to adding salt to your injury. Keep fake tanning products away from the treated skin so that the same doesn’t get prone to infections or rashes!


Laser body hair eradication treatment is very effective for all skin types. The key lies in the fact that you are choosing a reputed and experienced skin clinic for the treatment. Make sure that the skin clinic has reputed dermatologists and technicians under its payroll, for the best results!

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