Planning to promote your business? You need the right help…

This is a collaborative post with Poster My Wall, sharing some tools and tips for planning, if like me, you work in social media and find Christmas content and planning needs a bit more organising and time management. 

Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and it’s busy, and full of fun and also a little bit chaotic. I am a working mum, homeschooling one child, whilst working two jobs, one which involves managing our blog content and social media. I often find myself wondering how I can be more organised with my Christmas content whilst I juggle everything. 

I manage a public facing business in our local community and run this blog. Both businesses have very different needs and how I promote them and outreach to my customer base is different for both. Social media is very useful for both but I also have practical needs to manage for the promotion of my in person business and communication with the community I work with. At the moment I work alone other than having someone help me with my social media work, so it’s all on me and I need all the helpful tools I can access. 

I make a lot of notes on my phone and in a planner, and I also use services provided by apps. I also find tools and services online very handy to use. Poster My Wall is a very easy to use site for all of your promotional needs both online and in printed form.

These are so helpful if you run a business where you are not only managing your social media content, but also reaching out to customers at this time of year to increase your profile and manage sales and promotions. You can create the calendar specifications that suit your exact needs based on your business. You also may want to work on Christmas flyers and adverts and plan ahead for those.

Customer facing promotion for Christmas needs careful planning and this has to be done months before Christmas even is something in most people’s minds. Do you need flyers or printed promotional materials with Christmas templates? You need to have those ready to go well in advance of the festive season rather than as a last minute thought. Planning is everything. 

PosterMyWall is a super useful site that can help with all your business promotional and planning needs for both Christmas and everyday in the form of social media posts, videos, flyers and digital signage templates. They also have a publishing and email suite allowing you to direct all marketing content from one place without even switching tabs. Because they provide a worldwide service you can use them wherever you are to meet your business needs. Perfect if you are a small business, work in marketing or are a charity. 

So, if like me, you need to up your game with being organised for Christmas and beyond for your business, then it’s definitely worth checking out what services they offer and what they can do for you.

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