Easy, tummy friendly home-made yoghurt

This is a collaborative post with Probio7 sharing how you can make tummy friendly home-made yoghurt at home, and how easy it really is.

We eat a lot of yoghurt in our house. My daughter eats dairy yoghurt as a source of protein and my son and husband eat dairy free yoghurt. I have always wondered if it would be possible to buy less and make it at home, but to be honest, the idea of home-made yoghurt seemed a bit intimidating so I have never tried.

I thought you needed pans, special kit to scald milk, and all sorts of kit and fiddling about.

But actually you don’t.

Probio7 have a super sleek, very neat and unobtrusive yoghurt making machine that you can use to make both dairy and non dairy yoghurt in, literally overnight and it is SUPER EASY to use with excellent results.

Their process and ingredients are also gut boosting and tummy friendly, which is important for health too.

Additive-free yogurt with 6 billion clinically researched bacteria, proven to reach the gut alive in every serving. Plus nutritionally superior Jersey milk, making it good for your gut!

home-made yoghurt

Consuming fermented foods on a regular basis has been shown to support good gut health. One of the ways to do this is to consume live yogurt.

However, with store-bought yogurts, there’s no guarantee that the bacteria are alive, at a therapeutic dosage, or whether the strains are beneficial for health.

This is why we created Probio7 Life yogurt.

Each Probio7 Happy Gut bacterial sachet contains three strains of friendly bacteria, including one of the worlds most researched strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. We worked with the Technical University of Munich to verify the therapeutic dose. Each serving delivers 6 billion clinically researched bacteria to your gut alive.

It’s super simple to use. If you want to use the delicious Jersey milk, for dairy yoghurt that is smooth, creamy and thick, you use their milk and the sachet, shake it all together in the bottle your kit comes with, and add to your special pots that slot into the machine. Add 400mls of water, programme the machine, and you are done. 8 hours later, you have yoghurt. No mess, no fuss and no hassle.

You can also make dairy free yoghurt which is a little more work but not too much hassle, using a plant milk, and the Probio7 sachet and a couple of extra ingredients to make it work. It worked beautifully and was no harder than making the dairy yoghurt.

The results are home-made yoghurt that you know exactly what has gone into it, full of goodness for your family’s tummies, and an easy way to feed them something healthy that is also yummy. You can add flavours, sauces, or toppings to make it your own and you can make it in individual pots or bigger pots so it’s super family friendly for portioning too. Our current topping of choice is home made fruit sauces, but we plan to try all sorts of things to enjoy our yoghurt with.

I must admit I was a little skeptical but when I used the kit I was delighted and thrilled at the results and would actually recommend it if you want to make yoghurt at home to save money, have a healthier option and also be able to experiment with flavours and tastes. You can also make wine, cheese and other things with the kit, but for now, we are going to be enjoying yoghurt made at home, which means less store bought and more control for me feeding my family the best things I can. The machine is very neat and small so fits into your kitchen easily and isn’t obtrusive, perfect for using it day to day as needed too.

So, why not try making home-made yoghurt at home? It’s easy, delicious and good for you too…

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