Our homeschool week: 19/09/22-25/09/22

Welcome to our homeschool week and how I plan and work with our son to home educate him. If you follow us on our Facebook or Instagram you will know that whilst I have one child in school, I also home educate our son. This is how we do it.

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We haven’t shared our weekly routine for a while but we are back to normal and sharing what we get up to as one of my children enters her GCSE year at school, and I continue to home educate our son in KS3 and what would be year 8.

our homeschool week

We didn’t entirely stop our home education routine over the summer, although a lot of activities shut down for the break, but we are now fully back into all our routines and groups and it’s good to be back. Kiddo has added tap dancing to his dance repertoire which is exciting for him and pleased me because I wanted to learn tap as a child and for some reason never did so I am living vicariously through him on this new skill he is learning (and seems to have a natural flair for)

Our homeschool week is looking like this:

Monday 19th – is a bank holiday due to the Queen’s funeral, but all of our activities our continuing so we have a maths tutor session, a violin lesson and an art class. I realise that some people won’t agree with this, but for us, the break over the summer and normal routine is challenging and another day of breaking routine was not happening for us.

Tuesday 20th – kiddo and I now have an agreement that he has one day in the week where he does what “he wants” in terms of activities as long as it doesn’t involve screen time or gaming (with the exception of watching programmes that are vaguely educational) so he plans for activities that he likes to do. Diamond painting is the current craft activity that is keeping him busy so he chose that and he also is spending a lot of time working on his circuit board kits* at the moment too. He does have a French tutor session and also attends a ballet class in the afternoon. My only thing that I insist on is that he does his chores for the day (pet feeding, some helping around the house) and also tries to fit in some reading, but other than that I let him self manage.

Wednesday 21st – We have a trip to the Natural History Museum planned and then he has a ballet class.

Thursday 22nd – A day at home/time at a new home education group we have joined (I am not a fan of a lot of the local groups to me, for reasons which I won’t share simply because I know someone will be offended somewhere) so I am hoping this one will be a good fit for us. He also has a long session of ballet and then Scouts so it’s a busy day.

Friday 23rd – This is Dad’s day. The husband supervises his homeschool time and teaches him science and some maths/RE. He also has a singing lesson and a swimming class.

Our topics this week are: French, with a focus on grammar and learning new words, biology and exploring how the eye works, Maths, literacy (creative writing) history and some WW1 studies, and science with his dad.

So that’s our homeschool week and we are delighted to be back to normal. Here’s to routine and enjoying the autumn term at home and with friends.

As always we are happy to answer questions so do feel free to ask them in the comments, if home education is new to you or you are thinking about stepping into home education.

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