Menopause problems – too hot in bed? Time for a change of bedding.

Ah, menopause problems? We are in the thick of them. Well, when I say we, I mean me, and because he lives with me, the husband too. You see, I am too hot in bed. No, not THAT hot (this is a family blog after all, we don’t go there!!) but the hot flash, night sweats kind of hot that hits many women as our bodies face the hormonal changes that menopause brings.

It’s a problem for us, because the husband does not like being cold at night and I do not like being hot. And I am too hot, most nights. He sleeps with a duvet, and two blankets. I find this too warm, and I have a fan on me and the windows open, all year round. He’s cold if I am hot and I am hot if he is cosy. I kick off the covers when I am too warm, he then gets too cold. He lives with the wind blowing from a fan and a window open. Poor man.

Separate rooms and beds are not an option so what are we to do?

Enter Big Little Duvet Company with their helpful range of bedding and bed linen to solve all our problems, or at least the too hot in our bedroom problems, anyway.

Separate duvets, in the same bed. So simple, it’s crazy we didn’t think about it before.

menopause problems

But it works. It’s apparently the Scandi way of sleep and the Scandinavians have worked out that people sleep better if they have the bed covering that suits their temperature and preferred comfort levels.

It makes a lot of sense. You don’t want to sleep without your partner but you can’t live in the same temperature under the covers.

So, for us, it’s perfect. You can see how we have worked it out here

He has a 10.5 tog duvet, which is super thick and fluffy, and I have a thin 2.5 tog duvet.

If I get too hot, I can just kick it off and I don’t make him freeze. He is cosy and warm and I am not annoyed that he is hot and making me hot.

It works beautifully. Their duvets are a little bigger than standard size but they have a wide range of gorgeous bed linen to fit, so you don’t have to worry about that. In fact choosing the bed linen you want may be the problem.

menopause problems

What about making your bed so it looks neat? That’s not hard and there’s a simple way to fold your bedding so your bed is tidy.

So for us, that is one of my menopause problems sorted, and the husband is not longer freezing every night or having to resort to a mountain of bedding to keep warm and I am no longer irritated at being too hot and sweaty at night.

Who knew something so simple would help?

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  1. What a fantastic idea this bedding is. In my house it’s my fella who kicks the duvet off and I feel the cold. We are always having words about it. These duvets sound like a great solution. x

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