My Christmas 2023 book wish list

I’m not a “things” person but I love reading and in 2023 I’ve managed to actually achieve a reading list and read some books and I thought I would share my Christmas book wish list with some reading recommendations. My top three books and a couple of others I want to read in 2024.

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Before you read on, my wish list is eclectic and is a mix of work reading, reading for pleasure, reading for mental health and reading for food. I like to keep my reading brain happy.

Sarah Needs Saving

I thoroughly enjoyed DCR Bond’s other book and this is a great book to keep you gripped and wondering how things will work out for Sarah, the main character. This is a thriller and a fight to save everything and those she loves. I would definately recommend it.

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Sarah, an ambitious and attractive woman, marries into the wealthy Fetherston family and strives to juggle her many roles: mother, carer, and devoted wife to her absent-minded husband. Despite her seemingly perfect life, she struggles to gain acceptance from her snooty in-laws and new “friends.” Everything changes when Sarah discovers a shocking secret, far too close to her idyllic Devon home. Persuaded to stay silent for the sake of her family, she soon finds that the silence isn’t golden. As her neatly ordered life begins to crumble around her, danger mounts, and she faces increasing threats from an unscrupulous thug.With no one to confide in, Sarah must find a way to save her family, her marriage, and her own freedom. 
Will she be able to untangle the web of deceit and protect her loved ones, or will she lose everything?

Making a Difference

In my day job, I work with and for a charity, so I am always looking for good reading material on working in the charity sector and how we can make a difference in a helpful way and not a harmful way. This is an excellent and helfpful book that I would recommend anyone who is considering working in the charity or aid sector ready. We all know why we do what we do, but sometimes how can be a bit blurry and this is a very practical book with lots of really useful information based on the author’s years of experience.

Making a Difference is a book which aims to help bring about positive change within communities in England and Wales. It is distinctive in being a practical ‘How To’ guide rather than a ‘Why Should’ argument. It provides a practical step-by-step guide for anyone who wants to set up a project or introduce a service that would benefit a significant number of vulnerable or excluded people, at any age, within their local communities, and which is sustainable for a long period of time. The author draws on many years of experience within the charity sector to guide the reader through the process, explaining each stage clearly and precisely. The reader will be able to identify and develop key information about their project – why it’s necessary, what it will involve and how to approach it, what challenges might be encountered and how to avoid and overcome them. An example of a project, which runs through the whole book, enables the reader to see how each stage might apply to a real-life scenario. Packed with reassurance and useful insights into the workings of the Third Sector, this is an indispensable guide to making the world a better place.


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This an unfiltered look into the chaos of real life with ADHD. It will transform your self-hatred into self-acceptance, with simple tips that actually work for your brain. It will also help to educate partners, parents and friends, to help them move from frustration to patience, understanding – and love.

I am really looking forward to this, as someone who is still processing her own diagnosis of ADHD as an adult, and I follow the author on Tiktok, and have really enjoyed their content so I am hoping their book will be just as good.

How to make Gluten Free Bread that Actually Tastes Good*

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Since we learned that our teenager cannot have gluten, two years ago, I have had on my list of life skills, the art of making really good gluten free bread for her. I am hoping this book, which has been recommended by a couple of gluten free friends and bakers, will spur me on and inspire me to get baking. You will have to come back and watch this space to see how that goes.

Independent Mental Health Advocacy*

I am learning some new skills this year, and this book is part of the recommended reading I have to tackle as part of some training I am doing. It’s definitely not light reading but I am looking forward to working through it and expanding my knowledge for my job.

I did say my book wish list was eclectic, but then it reflects all areas of my life, and what I want to read and what I have enjoyed reading.

Now, if only there was a good book on getting teenagers to tidy their rooms without their mums having to nag them, if you know of one, do let me know? That would definitely be on my reading wish list and well read!

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