Sorting your finances and freeing up your budget

*This is a collaborative post sharing some information about how sorting your finances could help you to manage your budget better* Debt is still a taboo subject for many people and something that many people struggle with or have had to learn to manage but we still don’t always talk about it. There can be […]

Managing your family’s finances more easily

*this is a collaborative post sharing some ideas for managing your family’s finances more easily* image sourced from Pixaby Finances are a big part of life that can’t be escaped. When you have a family, they become even more important. Your income usually has to be divided and you’ve got to start thinking about the […]

Budget Balancing: How To Get A Hold Of Your Family’s Finances

In the vast majority of people’s lives, there’s one thing that causes more stress and arguments than just about anything else. That thing is, of course, money. Ask any couple, and they’ll tell you that they probably argue about money more than anything else. In fact, even when people argue about other things, the underlying […]

Financial skills for kids the fun way

As a parent, in fact as parents, making sure we work on financial skills with our kids is an important part of our parenting plan and has been something we have focused on with them, since they were younger. We hope this collaborative post is helpful, if you are navigating that part of your parenting […]

What is narcissistic abuse?

This isn’t our usual content but as someone who works alongside a domestic abuse charity as part of my job, as well as having seen what narcissistic abuse can do to someone, I thought I would share some basics on what a narcissist is and what abuse carried out by them can look like. The […]

Generation Hope – Arunjay Katakam 

This is a review post for Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive by Arunjay Katakam. *This post may contain affiliate links which if you click through and make a purchase will generate me a small amount of revenue. These links will be marked with * for your reference. Reviewing a book […]

Mirror Mirror – David Allot

I was kindly asked to review Mirror Mirror for this blog. There may be affiliate links shared in this post. These are clearly marked with *AF for your reference. Mirror Mirror, is not a fiction book. There are parts that you read that you wish were fiction, because you realise the tragic mess our care […]

Why not to use Klarna when online shopping

Today’s post is from Dan at The Financial Wilderness, a UK based personal finance blog on the impact of people using Klarna when online shopping. Over to Dan! Hello everyone! If there’s one section of the economy right now that’s still going gangbusters, it’s online shopping. No matter if we’re giving ourselves a little treat […]

Useful Accounting Tips When You’re Going it Alone

This is a collaborative post sharing some useful accounting tips that I find helpful as a self employed working mum. I hope you find them helpful too. While running your own business is the ideal lifestyle for many of us, it’s not all glamour and expense accounts. There’s a lot that needs to happen behind the […]