Mental Health – Anxiety, PTSD & Me

I write about mental health, from my own perspective and more generally.

My journey is very personal but other people have chosen to take it very personally too and because there are people who would use what I write in a negative way, I feel the need for a layer of protection and for the time being I have chosen to make some of the mental health content of this blog private. Should you wish to read those posts please feel free to contact me here and we can chat.

One day there will be less stigma around the sharing of the mental health journey so many struggle with. We can but hope.

< class="sow-entry-title" style="margin: 0 0 5px;">How I discovered my sense of self through Motherhood – and found it wasn’t what I expected

This is a guest post about finding a sense of self through Motherhood, from Joanna, who shares over at My Anxious Life. Motherhood. There are highs and lows and we all have different experiences, but one thing we can all agree on for certain is that it’s all-consuming. From the moment you begin your future… Continue reading