Things I have learned in therapy

My problems are not something other people can fix.

Other people’s problems are not mine to fix.
Boundaries are good. Boundaries will be resisted though and it is MY job to put them in place and then stick to them even when it’s harder than anything else I’ve ever done.

I can feel sorry for someone and have compassion for them but I do not have to expend energy I don’t have to try and help them.

People don’t like it when you refuse to meet their expectations because those expectations are not compatible with the life you live and the person you are. That’s ok. It’s their problem not yours.

It’s ok to take time out to care for yourself and to make changes that other people won’t like, in order to make life work for you.

Not everyone around you will like that you are trying to fix yourself because it means you aren’t the compliant pushover they are used to.

It’s ok to say no and keep saying no. No isn’t a negative thing if you are protecting your mental health or the wellbeing of people in your care who can’t say no themselves yet.

It’s ok to want different and to want to be better.

You are doing this for you. Not for anyone else.

#itsoktonotbeok #butiwanttobeok

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