Jeans are my uniform

This is a collaborative post with Lands End, sharing why jeans are my uniform, and why a good pair of jeans are a necessity for me. I work with children, and families and whilst my days of having to wear a uniform, have long passed, as I am no longer working as a nurse, I […]


Resilience is futile

Resilience is futile. Welcome yo part one of my series on resilience and why its a misused concept that does more damage than good. This post is NOT a cry for help or a cue for people to crawl out of the woodwork in pretend concern. We are fine, we always are, because that’s what […]


Painting by numbers is not cheating

This is a collaborative post with a brand we think you will love and sharing why painting by numbers if you aren’t naturally artistic, is definitely not cheating. I am not particularly creative or crafty, but I do enjoy doing an activity that results in something I can keep, or gift to someone, that I […]


Beautiful Pop Up Cards from Me&McQ

This is a collaborative post with Me&McQ sharing why we love their pop up cards. This post may contain some affiliate links, which if you click through to make a purchase, will earn me a small amount of revenue. Those are marked with * for your reference. If like me, you love sending beautiful cards […]


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