Managing my menopausal blood sugar with Nutrikane

*This is a partnership post, with Nutrikane. I am sharing my story as I deal with menopause and managing health issues around that. You should always seek medical input and advice before making dietary or lifestyle changes when dealing with health issues* I have been struggling with some health issues for some time. Nothing life […]


Delicious and Easy Flapjacks

This is our easy recipe for flapjacks, that I make when I need to put something baked together fast. The ingredients are all mostly store cupboard things you would normally have and you can fancy them up by adding chocolate chips or dried fruit if you want to. Ingredients: 300g of oats – if like […]


Make your own cat litter freshener

If you have cats, then you probably change their cat litter, and you may also need or use cat litter freshener to keep the litter tray smelling fresh and clean, in between full cleans and poop and clump scoop sessions. Most cat owners clean out their cat litter trays regularly. Unless you have one of […]


Easy carbonara recipe with gluten-free pasta

We make carbonara round here and love it. Because carbonara is made with  pecorino which is a sheep’s milk cheese and my husband isn’t allergic to that, it means he can enjoy carbonara if we source really good gluten free pasta. So that’s what we do. Carbonara, properly made, doesn’t need cream or anything to […]


How to deal with fungal nail infections

Fungal nail infections are a nuisance but also very common, and can be hard to deal with and get rid of. It may mean you can’t wear your nice summer sandals because your feet look unsightly, and an infection can spread to other toe nails too. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on […]


What is an ear infection?

We are no strangers to the pain of an ear infection, and have dealt with them in childhood with our son, but also as an older child into his teen years. Fortunately as he has got older, they have decreased in frequency, and he had grommet surgery when he was three which made a huge […]


6 Tips for Supporting Your Foster Child’s Mental Health

Mental health issues are common in foster children, particularly those who have experienced trauma, disruption, or adverse childhood experiences. As someone these children have come to trust and rely on, you are in a unique position to make a positive difference. Here are six key tips to help you support your foster child’s well-being: 1. Create a Predictable Routine […]


Pizza Bianca with pesto

I am not a fan of pizza with tomato based sauces, so when I discovered that pizza bianca is actually a thing, I was delighted. This is how I like to serve mine. But as with any recipe, you can tweak ingredients, and pizza toppings are always so personal (except for pineapple, that’s just an […]


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