Cats v Pickles – Kittens not Mittens

We are big fans of Cats v Pickles and this is a collaborative post sharing about their new reversible and larger than life characters. We have been collecting Cats v Pickles plushies for a while now, and love their soft, cuddly characters. There loads to collect, and each one is different. But now there’s a […]



Sharing a guest post on obscure but delicious dishes and drinks from around the world by Erik Wolf, MA, CCTP, MCTP, World Food Travel Association Forget the burger and bucket of chicken franchises when you are next abroad. To properly appreciate another country, you need to try the local food. But can you really call […]


Meal Plan Monday – Mid January meals

Welcome back to Meal Plan Monday. Sharing some Mid January meals as the weather is cold and we need comfort food. January seems to be going fast. I am feeling less blue this week as we settle into our routine and life is back to normal. Each week I share what we are eating, planning […]


Meal Plan Monday – January blues?

Welcome back to Meal Plan Monday and me having a case of the January blues. Each week I share what we are eating, planning to eat or cooking and how we meal plan for a family of four with food allergies and Coeliac disease on a budget. We shop at Aldi and Asda mainly for […]


Is my cat cheating on me? 

We hope this lighthearted but helpful collaborative post helping you to figure out the dreaded question “is my cat cheating on me?” is useful. It’s the start of another New Year; a time for resolutions, health kicks,  excitement and optimism for the next 12 months. But for some, it is also the time for a […]


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