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What “low carb” looks like for me.

I have shared about weight loss and healthy eating before and what that looks like for me, and when I am trying to eat better and lose a little weight or reboot my eating habits I opt for low carb. I don’t do keto, and personally don’t think it’s a healthy option, but I am […]


Beating the January blues.

*This blog post contains an affiliate link that if you click and make a purchase earns me a small amount of revenue* I find January the hardest time of the year. I generally feel like British winters want to kill me, or at least try and break me, and for me, winter has become all […]


Adding a collagen boost to my day

*This is a review post. I was kindly sent an item to try* I haven’t really made any firm resolutions this year, although self-care and taking care of me, is something I do want to try and focus on. I recently started to try and up my skincare game, and have added some supplements to […]


Taking a year. Taking time for us.

From May last year we declared that we were “taking a year”. We took time out. Why? Last year, we faced 2019 hoping that after what had been a brutal few months ending 2018, we would have a peaceful and gentle few months. Some issues we had dealt with had left us feeling bruised and […]


Teen Take Over Tuesday – Rugby sucks…

Hi, teen here, reporting for the first-ever Teen Takeover Tuesday. Now, this is not the first Teen Takeover Tuesday but the name has recently changed from Tween Takeover Tuesday to Teen Takeover Tuesday. The reason for this: I, teen, have recently graduated from tween to teen. In more formal words – I turned 13!! My […]


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