Generation Hope – Arunjay Katakam 

This is a review post for Generation Hope: How Inclusive Economics Can Help Us All Thrive by Arunjay Katakam. *This post may contain affiliate links which if you click through and make a purchase will generate me a small amount of revenue. These links will be marked with * for your reference. Reviewing a book […]


Managing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of mood disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of depression that occur at specific times of the year, typically during the fall and winter months when daylight hours are shorter. While less common, some individuals may also experience SAD during the spring and summer months, although this is rarer. […]


Tips for finding a personal tutor

As a home educating parent, I am always will to admit that I don’t “do it all” and for some subjects, as we move into GCSE exam planning for our son, have needed expert help and support to enable him to succeed. We have a personal tutor for him for two subject areas to supplment […]


Exploring Your Community with Your Foster Children through Neighbourhood Scavenger Hunts

When a new foster child joins your family, they are entering an unfamiliar environment. A neighbourhood scavenger hunt can be a fun way for them to start learning about the nearby community and landmarks while bonding with your family. Getting fresh air and exercise can also help relieve anxiety or uncertainty they may be feeling. […]


Using retinol for healthy and glowing skin

Retinol has gained widespread popularity for its remarkable ability to address various skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to acne and uneven skin tone. However, like any potent skincare ingredient, it requires careful consideration and proper usage to maximize its benefits and minimize potential side effects. I am not a skincare expert or professional […]


Make your bedroom a sleep heaven

Creating a sleep heaven in your bedroom involves a thoughtful combination of ambiance, comfort, and relaxation. By paying attention to various aspects of your bedroom environment, you can transform it into a sanctuary that promotes restful sleep. It isn’t hard to make the space you sleep in more cosy and sleep inducing. We have some […]


Managing my menopausal blood sugar with Nutrikane

*This is a partnership post, with Nutrikane. I am sharing my story as I deal with menopause and managing health issues around that. You should always seek medical input and advice before making dietary or lifestyle changes when dealing with health issues* I have been struggling with some health issues for some time. Nothing life […]


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