Transformers Battlegrounds has landed…

Transformers Battlegrounds has landed. I grew up on Transformers. The TV series, the toys and the movies featured heavily and were popular as part of my childhood. Watching my children play the new combat game makes me feel very old but we are delighted to share this review of the game with you. Transformers, which […]


Giant Land Snails make great pets

If you read our blog, you will know we have cats, a hamster, and a gecko, BUT we also have giant land snails. We have had them for a while, and they are the least demanding members of our household. I have always been one for the less cute kind of pet. I was responsible […]


Experience days make perfect gifts

As a family, we love doing things and as the children have got older we have found experience days are a great way to spend time together, try something new, and do something different. Getting out, going places and seeing and doing works so well for us as a family but we also find experience […]


Pawsome care for pets with Be Loved

*Be:Loved kindly asked us to review their products and share them with our readers* Our pets are amazing, and we love them, and they love us back (mostly, sometimes Layla makes it clear she really doesn’t approve of our life choices and hasn’t really ever forgiven me for having children) and it’s our job to […]


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