Gluten and dairy free pancakes

I’ve been asked for this recipe a few times, so thought I would blog about it. It’s a firm favourite in our house, and because it is gluten and dairy free, is good for those with food intolerances or allergies. You can tweak it to suit your needs.

Gluten free American Style Pancakes

I prefer American style, fluffier, pancakes to traditional British ones. I also like mine with Maple Syrup and bacon, rather than lemon juice, sugar or honey.

We have good allergies to deal with so gluten free/dairy free pancakes that work are handy.

This pancake recipe is based on using normal wheat flour, I’ve converted it using gluten free flours. Use a gluten free brand that works for you.
I use soya milk or oat milk but you can use whatever milk works for you.

You need:
270g of flour, plain (use whatever gluten free kind you prefer)

260mls of milk

2 large eggs

2tsp of baking powder

4tbsp of sugar (we use golden caster, you could use any alternative you like, I’ve never used stevia or any kind of sweetener, so you’d have to work out what works to your tastes)

A pinch of salt

This seems like a lot, because I make a double batch, this is usually brunch, with guests, so it’s a bigger meal. These make 8-10 large pancakes, or 16-18 small ones. Half the recipe quantities if you want to reduce the amount you make)

Put all dry ingredients in a bowl or large jug and then add the milk, and whisk until smooth, then add the two eggs and whisk again. You can pre-make this and leave it to sit in the fridge, it works fine, cold.

I fry my pancakes in coconut oil, but you can use whatever you like or prefer.
Heat your frying pan, until it’s hot enough that a drop of oil smokes, then turn it down slightly, then add a ladle full of pancake mix, or if you’re lazy, like me and like to wash up as few implements as possible, pour straight from the jug. Swirl it so the pancake is evenly spread on the pan base, then wait until you can see little bubbles forming all over the cake. It’s time to flip. Carefully ease it with a spatula, and flip it over. I’d say 60-90 seconds per side, but I have a very old, reliable pan, that doesn’t take long to cook things, and I cook on gas, so you’ll need to work out timings based on your cooker and pan.

Stack them on a warm plate, and when ready, serve with crispy bacon, maple syrup, and if you’re Small Boy, then a dollop of blueberries warmed with a spoonful of honey always goes down well too! 😉


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