She’s just a cat?


This is Layla, our 14-year-old, half Persian cat. We rescued her, when she was still very tiny, as the runt of an unplanned and unwanted litter (her mother was not meant to fraternize with the local feral tomcat, Layla and her two siblings were the result) and she is my first “baby”. That sounds silly, but when we got her, she was very frail and vulnerable. She was taken away from her mother before she was really properly weaned, and I hand fed her milk, for two weeks, until she was able to eat proper cat food, and cope. She also carries the Corona-virus which leads to Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FiP) virus and nearly died of FiP when she was almost a year old. Our vet calls her his 1 in 100 cat, because only 1% of cats with FiP survive and then don’t often live long. She was sent home, with us, basically to die, but surprised us all, and although she may carry a potentially life-threatening virus (her titers are very low, she is in remission, has been since she recovered from the initial illness) she is as tough as old boots. When we take her to the vets for her annual check-up, he always brings the student or new vets in to meet her, much to her disgust (she does not like people, the vet is her worst enemy) to teach them about FiP and what happens to cats who get it. She is our little furry miracle. Her blood samples have been sent to the USA, Sweden, and France, as part of research into Corona-virus in cats and FiP and she is part of an ongoing medical trial and program to find a cure.

She is grumpy, she doesn’t like many people and other than me she rarely lets anyone touch or stroke her. She is also older now, and potentially becoming frailer. This has hit me hard. She has been in my and our life for a long time. Longer than my children. I nursed her back to health, and she and I are partners in crime. She is not just a cat. She is my companion and she’s very special to us.

She talks to me, she gives me kisses, and she loves human food, Thai Green curry and rice  or scrambled eggs on toast being her most favourite thing. She won’t let anyone else handle her, and in the winter, she and the husband battle for ownership of the bed and snuggling rights. She even has a small following on Twitter.

I am sure those who know me know, that I am very aware and conscious of all the dreadful things and sad events in peoples lives, and that yes, Layla is just a cat, but that she is important in this little corner of the world, to us, and we were worried for her. I am quite glad certain friends did not see the post or the comments, I am fairly sure a few harsher words would have been shared, in Layla’s defense, because she is loved, even if she doesn’t love back very well.

So, my “first world” “selfish” rant is this she is JUST a cat, but she is my cat, I adore her, she looks to us to look after her, and provide for her (even if she is quite rude and demanding about it) and we will do whatever we have to, to make sure she is comfortable, and as well as we can manage, for as long a time as she gives us.  She is MY friend, and we have been through a lot together, I would be very sad if something happened to her. So, to those of you who think she is “just a cat”, that’s fine, but she’s just MY cat, and the blog would not have it’s name without her, and that’s that!

*For those cat lovers more knowledgeable amongst us, we knew when we got Jasper, how to keep him separate from Layla, so they did not share cat litter (Corona-virus is passed through faecal matter cat to cat) and he is free of the Corona-virus, and  we take precautions so that they don’s share the same toilet spot, and have trained Layla to go in one place, and Jasper to avoid it. It can be done, it was hard work, but worth it to keep him safe and healthy. We took advice from our vet, who is a renown  feline specialist and was happy for us to take in another cat, with Layla doing so well and her titer levels being almost none existent*



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  1. Rude people! My black persian cat was run over when I was pregnant with my eldest and she was my first baby too. I took to my bed for the whole weekend, crying. Totally feel for you x

    • Our pets are precious to us, especially when they become part of the family or have strong personalities. Sorry about your kitty! 🙁

  2. I’m totally with you on this one. We’ve just been told that our dear old cat is winding down so we don’t know how long we have left with her. We both cried about it last night. I see her as my constast companion when everything else is in upheaval. She was there when I came back after my mum died, when Marcus was in hospital and many other unpleasent times. She slept on me when I was confined to sleeping downstairs due to a broken ankle. I refer to her as my little heart beat – always around for that wee bit of company. People who don’t understand the realationship should at least show respect and keep their opinions to themselves!!! That’s my rant over 🙂

    • Am sorry. I know how much you adore her, and how big a part of your life she is! Hopefully you can enjoy this last stretch with her and she isn’t in too much pain? 🙁

      • Hi Karen, she’s in no pain – we’ve promised ourselves we wouldn’t allow that and we’re also relying on our vet to help us make decisions. To be honest she’s still a very happy cat – a bit wobbly at times and has the odd mishap but altogether very contented – long may it last 🙂

    • She goes utterly mad for it, and wolfs it down! Weird creature! It does make her, ahem, slightly windy, though, so we don’t allow her to indulge too often! 😉

  3. What a nasty thing to say, I wouldn’t have deleted the post personally and would have let my friends at it. Some people really think they can say anything they like on social media, regardless of how upsetting :o(

    • I probably should have done, I am pretty sure my fellow cat and even the dog lovers would have given them what for! 🙂

  4. some people can be very mean and nasty, whether a cat or a child, she is yours and part of your life and they have no right what so ever to call you selfish, I hope they are no longer ‘friends’ of yours. How did I not hear about MummyBarrows ranty linky? I’m fairly sure if i linked up I’d just alienate more people than i do with my normal posts….lol My cat likes peas and carrots, fed one by one from my plate

  5. Some people can be so rude and unfeeling in the safety of a medium such as Facebook and I am sorry you crossed paths with them. I am also immensely relieved Layla came home. We have a wandering cat who can go off for weeks and several times we have (wrongly) assumed him to be dead, when he appears home as if he’s never been away.

    Many thanks for adding your rant to #AnimalTales and apologies I took so long to comment – it’s been a mad week which I talk about on the blog tomorrow.

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