Black Farmer’s Daughter sausages and burgers – Gluten free and delicious….

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We were asked if we like to taste and try out some burgers and sausages from the Black Farmer, a company that produces gluten free, high quality products, from British meat.

We were delighted to be asked to review some gluten free meat products from The Black Farmer Finding what my husband (who is gluten intolerant) calls “decent” burgers, sausages and meatballs that are gluten free, is hard. When I did a bit of research, the products we tried were reasonably priced when compared with their non-gluten free competitors. I could make my own, but most of the time, as a busy, working mother, making my own meatballs and burgers is not a job high on my list of priorities, so finding these as a staple for our menu for family meals was very exciting.
All the products are high quality, and tasted good. We have tried gluten free products before, and they can often be quite dry. We were impressed with the moistness and also texture of all of the items. We tried and tested gluten free beef and pork meatballs, gluten free beef burgers and pork& apple burgers and gluten premium pork sausages and premium pork chipolatas.






It was hard to choose which product we liked best. I think if we had to choose, the burgers, would be a close first. The pork and apple burgers, were frankly, amazing. I am not a big pork fan, but these burgers were tasty, succulent, cooked well, and disappeared from our plates fast. The normal “my beef burgers” were also delicious. We have since bought them for ourselves, to have at a BBQ, where they received many compliments. I was almost tempted to claim I made them myself.

The meatballs went into a gluten free family meal, of meatballs in a tomato based sauce, with gluten free gnocchi, and were also a hit. I have made my own meatballs, before using a gluten free breadcrumb mix, but these are handy to have as a staple for meatballs. My children enjoyed them, and my husband also liked them. I have found that with other gluten free meatballs, when you “brown” them, before you put them in sauce, or even when you are cooking them, they can tend to disintegrate. These stayed firm, and cooked well. The also re heated well then next day, for lunch.

The sausages were also very good. We used them for a BBQ and also for a casserole. They cooked well, and went down well with both gluten and non-gluten intolerant members of the household. Gluten free sausages can sometimes be greasy, and stuffed with lots of horrible things to make up for the lack of wheat based “rusk” that helps to give a sausage it’s texture, but these were not at all oily or greasy, and also tasted good cold, as left overs.

All the products are made with high quality British meat, with a high percentage of meat in them. Both of these things are important, when feeding my family, one because good quality, well sourced meat, is something I like to feed my family, we would rather spend money on quality products and eat less, than cheap, chemical filled, meats. Also, as someone who tries to support British producers as much as possible, having meat that is from Britain appeals to me.
We were very pleased with all the meals the products went into, and have since bought more of them. I would definitely recommend them, both because they are gluten free and tasty, which is important for those on a gluten free diet, or who suffer from gluten intolerance or coeliac disease, but also to those who are not gluten intolerant, because they really are so good, and you cannot tell that they are gluten free.

*we were sent some products to try, all opinions are our own, dietary information taken from source*

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