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This week is a tongue in cheek post. I know that spending too much time playing games on a computer or tablet is not good for adults, I promise that neither the children or I spend all our spare time on this. We love technology and think as a tool, it can be fun and educational, when used properly. 

Dear Little Man (aka he who is four, but clearly already should be working for a computer company)

You are very clever, and clearly far more savvy with technology, than your old Mum (your Dad won’t admit that you give him a run for his money too!) and you pretty much sussed out how to work the iPad as it was taken out of the box. You amaze me constantly, when I watch you work out how to use apps and programmes both on the iPad and our computer, and you only have to be shown how to do something once and you have cracked it. You clearly enjoy puzzles and maths based games, as well as learning to read games, and also more fun, less educational things, and I love watching how fast you are, and helping you (when you will let me, the stubborn streak you have, inherited from both your parents can sometimes make this a bit of a battle, you are only after all, four and can get a little frustrated) when you need it, which admittedly is rare, and I like spending time with you, learning things on both the iPad and the computer.

A couple of things however, are slightly bothering me… Your ability to spot me putting in the passwords for said electronic devices (in theory to stop you accessing them when I am not supervising you) and then being able to copy me, and the fact that you are BETTER THAN ME at the game I like to play, and you like to login to my Hay Day game, and re arrange my farm, feed my cows and sell my crops, when I am not looking.

Yes, I will happily admit, that I get slightly peeved, when after a long day, I, your mother, who adores you, will sit down, to switch my brain off by playing a few minutes of my games, only to find that not only have you beaten my high score, and moved on a level, but that you have decided my Hay Day farming skills are not up to scratch, and have changed it all about. I then change it back, only to get told off, then next time we play, and you find that I have move things about too. It also scares me a bit that you can crack numerical passwords, but I am a responsible parent so we have lots of protection on both the iPad and the computer, so you can’t access anything we don’t allow (yet, I know there will be challenges as you get older, we will face those as they come, at the moment, stopping you from downloading music to iTunes is the main challenge, or making sure you don’t video call Grandad when it’s the middle of his night! 😉 )

I want to say ‘Hands off my iPad” but you know what, I won’t. Whilst I may feel a little dismayed that you can beat me at Candy Crush, I am secretly incredibly proud that you are clearly very bright, and that you have an amazing little brain, inside that head of yours. Maybe one day, you will be running a large computer company, or be famous for making some amazing application that solves problems for people, or invent a new gadget (please don’t become one of those computer hackers who invents chaos causing viruses, do something good for the world, I am your Mum, I am allowed to hope this)
So, I guess we have to share the computer and the iPad, and I will watch you and be amazed, and you will probably be teaching me how to do things, (in fact you already have) more than I will be showing you. Just let me hatch my own chickens, and win a level of Candy Crush, every now and then, won’t you… ?

Love, your Mum! x


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  1. hahaha! Great post!
    I was stuck on a level of Papa Pear Saga for weeks…..I left my laptop unattended and my youngest got on it…..She completed the level and two after it in about 5 minutes! Gutted!!

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