Winter is the time when skin gets dry… E45 Giveway

I love winter, even though, in the UK, it can get a bit cold and damp. I love being out and about in the crisp cold weather, I don’t mind rain, or a bit of wind. I went to boarding school in Scotland, so wintry weather, generally doesn’t bother me. Coming into a lovely warm house, warm fires, hot chocolate, comforting food, all good things in winter.

One not so good thing about winter is dry skin, which can be made worse by weather, and being in and out of warm rooms or buildings, on and off public transport and into the cold and damp and your skin can get dry, itchy, sore and make you feel uncomfortable and also affect your self confidence. Other things like diet, and genetics can affect your skin too. 

There are many types of skin condition. In our house, we are very familiar with both psoriasis and eczema and we have used a lot of creams and lotions over the years to help with both. Finding a gentle, dermatologically tested, proven to work, non scented lotion for general use can sometimes be challenging but we have always been a bit of an E45 family, and I generally have a tub or bottle  of their moisturising lotion, or cream, to hand somewhere in the house, and we use it after swimming, and bath-time, and any time we need a moisturiser for dry skin. It’s gentle and unscented and perfect for sensitive skins. In fact E45 cream has been around for 0ver 60 years, and is a brand trusted by many health practitioners and families for skin care. 


Because I work with small children, both at home, and in my “day job”, I am almost constantly washing my hands, or wiping them. I don’t like wearing gloves, even in the coldest of weather either, so my hands get very dry and sore, quite quickly, and I tend to need to use an intensive hand cream, most of the year round, but especially in winter. I carry a tube in my bag, I have one in my cupboard at work, one by the kitchen sink at home, and one by my bed. I like E45’s hand cream because it isn’t greasy when applied, which means I don’t have to wait around once I have put some on (I don’t have time for that) and it’s also gentle and really helps to heal up my hands when they get sore and sometimes a bit cracked. I have to remind myself to apply it more often, to prevent them getting sore and I really like their Repair and Protect cream for overnight tlc for my hands. 

We want to share our love of E45 products we have a give-away for our readers. 

We have one tube of E45  Repair and Protect Hand cream (50ml) and one bottle of E45 Moisturising Lotion to give-away All you need to do is tell me what your best tips for caring for your skin are, particularly in winter, and share on Twitter. 

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  Terms & Conditions:

Give-away starts on 22nd November and ends on 15th December
Items will be sent via post.
Winner will be contacted by me, within 24 hours of ggive-awayending and items will be sent via a 3rd party.
Winner will be notified by e-mail.
No alternatives or cash options are available. 

Please DO NOT spam this post with your own products/business. If you wish to contact me to share some ideas or products please use the contact me section on the blog.





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  2. I’m a shower person but during the winter I love to have a bath with oils. leaves my skin feeling soft & luscious. And just because it’s cold, don’t forget that the weather & central heating is very drying so keep drinking water!

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