Diabetes and Feeding my Family – A guest post

Diabetes and feeding my family –

Germaine Waters (SunTempleFood.com)


 There is no such thing as a “diabetic diet”!!! We should all eat high fibre, low fat, balanced glycemic index and calories to suit our lifestyle! I know that’s a contentious statement. It was meant to be, but it is also the way I live despite being type 1 diabetic.

I developed diabetes during my last pregnancy 21 years ago. I was extremely lucky as I was pregnant in the UK and the care I received (on the NHS) was nothing short of amazing. Because of the education given to me during my pregnancy, I have always had really good control and honestly do not feel deprived or under the restrictions of a “diabetic diet”

Yes of course my goal is to eat low glycemic foods, but here’s the conundrum…..most fruit is high glycemic so what’s a person to do? Well what I do is time when I eat these things. I know that my blood sugar will dip mid morning usually. So, I’ll have a piece of fruit then. Or, and this is more usually the case, I have a bowl full of fruit for “dessert” after lunch. I can do this because if you tangle high GI foods in with high fibre foods, you can sneak by under the raised blood sugar radar.

I don’t deprive myself like a martyr. If its a birthday celebration or a special dinner party, I will have whatever the dessert is, knowing that its a treat and that control will resume shortly. Isn’t this what we all should be thinking? A little of what you fancy does you good? Emphasis on little.

I must tell you that my main thing which is what most of my recipes at Sun Temple Food are about is natural, minimally processed foods. So I eat what is in season and usually cook everything from scratch. No pre-prepared sauces or meals at chez Sun Temple!


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I know many of you especially with young children are thinking “yea….in my dreams…..when I don’t even have time to brush my teeth you want me to cook from scratch??” I hear you! Just try to give what you put in your temple some brain space. Keep the mantra of unprocessed! High fibre! Low GI! Low fat! Fresh! uppermost and you’ll get there.

I have never prepared special meals for myself. My whole family eat the same meal. What I will say is although my girls (I have 3) do have the naughty stuff whenever they please, they all largely choose to eat healthily and that, my friends will have come directly out of diabetes arriving unbidden into our lives. Gift in every moment.

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Diabetes guest post

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