Parents are worried…

Apparently the BBC is closing a channel, and making CBCC, one of it’s children’s channels, run later, instead. 

Meh, you say…who cares?

Apparently some parents do, and are worried that their children are going to demand to watch tv until 9pm at night, and they’re up in arms, about this. 

The BBC has responded by telling them to “take control of their remotes”, and not let their little darlings dictate when the tv gets turned off! A sensible response, I think! 

I’m flabbergasted that this is a serious concern for parents? In the grand scheme of all things that would make me worry, I can’t say this is even in the top 100…

My children watch tv. I set the limits. Occasionally I’ll bend and capitulate to the cries of “just five more minutes” but when it’s time for it to be “tv off” then that’s what happens. They occasionally whine about it but I basically ignore that. I’m the parent, the responsible adult, and they don’t get to make the call on how late they watch tv and if they whine or complain, they are warned they’ll loose tv watching time, and I follow through, so they know it’s a futile effort on their part to whinge or whine at me. 

I can safely say, I’m not one of the worried parents, concerned that my kids might want to watch tv later, because shockingly, common sense, some boundaries and being sensible and firm, surprisingly, seem to work.

I don’t get what the fuss is about. 

Anyone else puzzled?

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  1. I completely agree with you. If TV time is restricted from the beginning there should be no problem for a child to understand and take notice of the parent who makes the decision to turn it off after a reasonable time!

  2. I worry plenty about my parenting approach/skills (or lack of!) but what time a tv channel finishes is definitely not something I have time or inclination to worry about!
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