Make bathtime for children less stressful

As a family we have found some ways to make bathtime for children less stressful. It’s not always fun, some kids can’t wait to get in the tub as they splash around in the endless bubbles, while others have to be practically begged to go and have a bath every night. However, bath time should never be a battle between you and them and there are ways to make it a more pleasant experience.

bathtime for children

Stop Worrying About Water

We’re not saying you shouldn’t bat an eyelid if a tidal wave of water comes pouring over the bath, but does it matter if a few odd drops end up on the floor? Most modern bathrooms have sufficient ventilation, underfloor heating or quality lino to dry even large puddles fairly quickly and if you know your daughter loves splashing, just pop down a few extra towels and the problem’s instantly sorted. Try not to get stressed out about the amount of bubble bath they’re using, or if you’re getting almost as wet as they are! Water doesn’t stain and you’ll probably be showering later anyway. Don’t make bath time into a massive deal, let them choose what time they want to take one but insist they must have one before going to bed. Some children, especially older ones, can get a little shy about undressing, so a good rule of thumb is that if they’re old enough to wash all the shampoo and conditioner out of their hair properly then you should stop supervising bath time.

Make Bath Time Exciting Again

Do you remember the last time you laughed during bath time? Make their trip to the bathroom exciting, fun and adventurous. While washing their hair tell them stories, ask them about their day and sing songs with them. When they were tiny, bathtime probably seemed a lot easier. Just because they’re older doesn’t mean you should stop bonding with them. Why not pretend that you’re both beautiful mermaids or pirates searching for sunken treasure? Let your guard down, after all it’s just you and them, and enjoy spending quality time with your child while carrying out a seemingly mundane task. Brighten up the bathroom with colored lights, let them pick out their own special bath towel, and buy marine-themed stickers or stencils to go on the bath tiles. Children love to play with new stuff, so if you need to distract them while putting shampoo in their hair you can purchase fun, educational bath toys that are are completely submersible. Or you could use a bath foam that they can play with and keep them busy and happy. 

Make bathtime for children less stressful

Child-Friendly Products

One of the main things that put kids off bathing is the horrible, stinging sensation of getting soap or shampoo in their eyes. Sometimes, they may never have even experienced it, but the mere thought of hurting themselves is enough to keep them away from the suds. If you find products that don’t sting eyes or make skin sore, then it make bathtime less of a painful experience. If your kids have skin issues then you may want to opt for products designed to help with that, but there are plenty of no tears, gentle and eco friendly products you can use too. 

Make bathtime for children less stressful is possible. One day they will be totally independent and won’t need you to help them or supervise them, although I can’t promise they still won’t make a mess in their and use up all the towels and your expnsive bubble bath, but that’s a post for another day… 😉

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