Using Technology To Keep Track Of Your Family’s Health


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Using Technology To Keep Track Of Your Family’s Health. Technology is a great way to manage health needs and even prevent health issues. Apps can be very daunting for the older generation, and sometimes it feels like we’re being left behind. There’s an app for everything these days but most of them are aimed at the younger generation. But there are plenty of useful technologies out there that can be incredibly helpful for parents. One of the biggest worries as a parent is making sure that your little ones are healthy and happy. Well, there’s an app for that. These are some of the best technologies that you can use to keep track of your family’s health.

Online Health Records

In the past, we have relied on our doctors to keep track of all of our medical information. Now you can keep track yourself. Online health record apps like ibluebutton, allow you to see information on the whole family, including past appointments, test results, conditions and prescriptions. That way, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are on top of your family’s health records yourself, rather than relying on somebody else.

Online Doctors


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Trying to fit doctor’s appointments into a busy schedule is hard, and if it turns out that everything is ok, then you will have wasted valuable time getting to see your GP. But now you can do it from home. Online doctor services like Babylon Health can offer doctor’s appointments at much shorter notice than a traditional GP’s office. You will consult with them online, so you don’t need to take much time out of your day to travel anywhere. That way you can find out whether there is anything to be worried about, before taking a trip to the hospital. A lot of people have expressed concern about these services in the past but there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. Their selection processes are often stricter than the ones in normal hospitals so you can be sure that the advice you are getting can be trusted.

There are also apps like talkspace that can offer you quick consultations with a therapist. If you have concerns about your own, or somebody else’s mental health, it is worth looking into before committing to an expensive therapy routine.

Healthy Eating

We all want our family to eat well, but shopping for healthy food can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many different health products out there, all boasting different benefits. It’s a struggle to see through all of the marketing terms and work out what is actually going to be good for your family. Apps like Change4Life allow you to see the nutritional content of food by simply scanning it. From here, it can advise whether the product is suitable for your children to eat, and it will also keep a record of previous items, so you can compare alternatives and find the healthiest possible food.



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A good exercise regime is vital for maintaining your family’s health. Finding the time and motivation to stick to it can be a problem, though. Using an app like MyFitnessPal can really help. It will track your workouts, and suggest different ones for you, helping you to squeeze a bit of exercise into a busy day. Tracking our progress with technology can also introduce a bit of competition between the kids, making them more likely to keep up with their routine.

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