Containing those kitty capers…

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Any cat owner will tell you that it’s not always doe-eyes and content purrs. Cats are extremely emotional and intelligent animals. And, unfortunately, with this comes the ability to feel bored. When a cat is bored, they’ll do just about anything to satisfy their need for entertainment. This usually includes tearing, ripping, and chewing on just about everything that you own. Thankfully, though, it’s easy to prepare for this. You don’t have to live in chaos. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the areas that cats can be worst for. And, how you can work towards cat-proofing them.

Like humans, cat’s claws will continue to grow for their entire life. This means that they need a way to wear their claws down to stop them from getting too loud. To do this, most cats will scratch furniture. This sort of behaviour is very normal. And, most cats will do it at some point in their life. But, it doesn’t have to be the furniture that they scratch. Instead, you can invest in a scratching post to divert their attention. Choosing an option that has catnip in it will usually be more successful than others. Just be careful to make sure that you don’t create any bad habits in your cat.

Some cats will cause more damage than others. Because they’re so smart, most cats are also very unique. This means that they will have their own favourite things to destroy. One of the most nightmarish of these things is curtains and blinds. These items are usually very pricey. And, they’re not easy to repair. So, you need something that can distract your cat. If your cat climbs your curtains, a hardy option from a company like could help you. Along with this, you could also try playing with your cat when they are trying to climb. Most of the time, this sort of behaviour will be an outcry for attention. And, you should be ready to take some time to entertain them.


One of the hardest cat problems to solve is carpets. Carpets are very expensive and hard to have fitted. In most cases, people will pay a professional to do this sort of work for them. So, having them damaged is never ideal. Unfortunately, like furniture and curtains, cats will scratch carpets to wear down their claws. So, a scratching post could help. There are loads of companies like that can help you to get a great option. But, you should also consider trapping your cat less, as they will often claw at carpets to get out of somewhere. Along with this, you can try to give your cat some attention, when they scratch.

Hopefully, this post will help you to start solving some of the problems that come with owning cats. These animals will give you what you give them. So, if they are ignored; they will act out. But, if you give them loads of attention; they will always there to return the favour with love.

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  1. I’m a pet lover. I really love them I appreciate the loyalty of dog but honestly cats are so adorable. Sometimes they hate people sometimes they love them. I have a lot of memorable experience with my cat. We’ve got several from this past few years and I can remember each of them

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