Kick starting autumn with SML and a giveaway….

 I don’t know about you, but I don’t find the summer break condusive to eating that healthily or resist all the lovely food and drink that tends to come my way, with summer parties, weddings, picnics and all. Also, this summer for me has been particulary challenging because I haven’t been able to exercise at all, whilst recobring from my knee surgery, so I have found that a little bit of unwanted weight has crept back on, and whilst winter is always seen as a time to just ignore that extra few pounds and hide behind comfy winter clothes, I want to get back to eating more heathily and shift that extra weight and get back into better eating habits. 

I tend to meal plan and eat sensible portions, limit my carbohydrate consumption, add lots of fresh vegetables, salads and healthy snacks and restrict processed sugar, but I like to kick start my weight loss with a week or two of low calorie meal replacment plans, this helps me to get motivated, start my weight loss and get myself into a frame of mind to continue. 

The diet plans and meal replacements from SML are something I find incredibly helpful and because their plans have worked for me before I am using their products to get myself back on track and hopefully loose some weight. I find the system of a VLC diet easy to follow and to stick to, and it helps with the intial phase of weight loss, for me. If done properly and as instructed it can be a safe way to loose weight. Of course, as with any diet or major lifestyle change, it’s advisable to seek medical advice from a qualified practioner, beofre you start a meal plan diet like this. 

Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD’s) have been available to slimmers for over 30 years. Used both in the NHS & the private health sector, they are an effective, sustainable way to lose weight quickly and safely. 

What is a VLCD? 

A VLCD involves participants consuming maximum of 1000 calories per day.  They also contact the recommended daily requirements for vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and proteins. VLCD’s offer rapid weight loss to the slimmer due to the low amount of calories consumed and because of a process called ketosis that is achieved when the body consumes a reduced amount of carbohydrate. Due to these factors, it is not unusual for slimmers on a VLCD to lose on average 1 stone per month (sometimes more depending on initial body size).

With the SMLDiet & our products, we have formulated our meal replacements so they can be used as a TFR (Total Food Replacement) so you can use them on their own or with food as part of our weight loss plans. Our slimmers find our weight loss plans easy to follow as they take unhealthy food taken out of the equation. This means they can concentrate on their weight loss & reaching their ideal weight.

I find the system is easy to use and the shakes are far better than any other’s I have tried (in fact, even when I am not in diet/loose weight mode, I always have some on hand for quick breakfast drinks on the go, because they taste so good and fill me up and are balanced with minerals and vitamins added. The meals themselves are easy to make up and tasty, and I add in a meal replacement bar for my sweet treat and snack. For my evening meal I keep it simple with protein and vegetables or simple salads with no dressings or extra bits. I find the first day or two challenging as I adjust to lower calories and less food, and I have to be really strict and make sure I am drinking enough water and not running around too much, but by day 3 I feel good and it’s easy to carry on. All the meals are balanced and contain what you need, so whilst it does feel a bit challenging, if you are following the plan, you should loose weight and feel good at the end of your week. They also offer full support and input on their site and social media and are very helpful if you need any advice or information. 

I am looking forward to loosing that bit of weight I have gained over the rather indulgent summer break, and getting back on track, and I am delighted to say that SML Diet and I have a giveaway to share with our readers. This is a great opportunity to try their products and see how they will work for you. 

All set and ready to go, with all the bits I need to keep on track with the plan.

We have two weeks worth of their products, worth  £67.98 (which is 56 packs) to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you need to do is tell us in the comment section here what helps you kick start a diet and why would you like to win this SML giveaway and then follow the rest of the instructions via the Rafflecopter link. 

Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions:

No cash prize alternative. Prize is as stated and cannot be exchanged.
Winner will be contacted via e mail and has 14 days to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
Spam entries will be disqualified.
All entries must meet the requirements to qaulify.
Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter
Ends Tues 17th October 2017. 

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  1. I’ve been finding it hard to get motivated but I got a cold a couple of weeks ago and craved fresh fruit & veg and since then I’ve just stuck to it – I would love to try this because I need to get slimmer by Christmas!

  2. I have tried different diets and cant stick to them….i only want to lose 2 stone …..maybe this would work:it sounds good !

  3. Good Luck with your weight loss Karen (and to those who enter the competition)
    You know where we are if you need us

    SMLDiet team member

  4. I find drinking plenty of water helps me. I’d love to win these to help me stick to my diet when I’m out and about rather than picking up snacks and treats!

  5. Not going food shopping whilst hungry lets me make more sensible decisions! These products would hopefully keep me on track

  6. i was going to a party and could’nt find anything to wear so went on the scales and found my weight had been creeping up slowly i have been eating healthy all summer but now its winter and i dont really want salads i could do with this to see how it goes to keep the diet going

  7. a pair of jeans that dont fit me, i started to cut down my sugar intake by drinking squash instead of pop

    and id like to win as i have an event in 2 weeks id like to slim down for

  8. I’m naturally slim
    Motivation to succeed –

    Would love this for my aunty
    Sounds the ìdeal programme for her to slim for her Christmas party frocks!!

  9. I am doing Weight Watchers, but sometimes have a wobble, but something inside me tells me to get back on the diet again after a few days of cheating. You can lie to others, but you cannot lie to yourself.

  10. I found I couldn’t fit into my favourite cutoff jeans and was devastated. I started by cutting out sugar and then dealt with portion sizes.

    I’d like to win because I’ve lost nearly three stone and my BMI is now 23, but the NHS website says I should aim to be in the middle of the recommended BMI and for me that means losing another 10lbs which I’m finding impossible to do. I’m just stuck.

  11. I stop eating all sweets and extras and start walking everywhere. I really need this giveaway as I’ve put on several stone due to some meds I have to take. :/

  12. Cutting out bread usually helps me kickstart a diet. I would love to won this for my dear friend who has struggled with weight loss. This looks ideal for her.

  13. I’ve tried loads of diets without success but never a meal replacement like this – maybe this is what I need to try

  14. sticking rigidly to it for a few days then it gets so much easier – like the idea of the meal replacements for speed during the week

  15. Starting with quite a restricted diet for a little while to lose weight quickly, then going on to a more sensible diet works for me.

  16. Being super strict and knowing I’ve given it 100% helps me kick start my diet. I’d love to win as I’m currently on a VLCD and its always good to try different brands x

  17. go easy to start with and easy yourself into it. this prize would help me in my diet which is why im entering

  18. Mines gradual a little here a little there seems to work rather than giving everything up at once, I tend to throw the towel in after a few days otherwise x

  19. Being in the right frame of mind helps me kickstart a diet, otherwise I have no willpower to stick with it. I’ve lost weight steadily this year but slowing down now – this would be a great help!

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