Last minute Christmas bargains…

It’s been a bit of a crazy week for us, juggling finishing work, Christmas festivities, kids off school, one child has been pretty poorly and needed a lot of love and extra care, as well as trying to get all the Christmas shopping done too.

I’ve been juggling A LOT this week and I will admit to forgetting a few bits here and there and having to make an emergency last minute list of shopping that I HAD to get. 

Things like sweets and treats for the kids Christmas stockings, boxes of chocolate to take to parties, bottles of fizz and a few other things. 

A quick trip to our local B&M store solved a lot, and helped me tick off some things from the list…

Christmas crackers and batteries (because I always buy things at Christmas that don’t come with them included) 

Boxes of chocolates to take with us to the various festivities we are going to be attending over the next few days

Some treats for our cleaning lady and window cleaner, because we can’t forget them.

And I found this, perfect for the Twee/ Christmas stocking, she loved unicorns almost as much as I do… I almost got one for me too! 








I also picked up some wine, and realised we were running low on cat food, it was handy to be able to grab both of those as well! 

There were lots of bargains to be had, for Christmas, last minute gift and stocking fillers, Christmas treats and food, practical items and gift wrap. I was quite pleased to be able to grab the bits I needed and few bits I hadn’t planned to get but decided to add them to my shopping basket anyway! 

So, my to do list is now a bit shorter, and Christmas is almost here, I’m rather chuffed I managed to get a fair bit sorted, even if it was all a bit last minute! 😉

*this is a collaborative post*
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