Simple Strategies For Keeping Yourself In Check   

Your mental health is nothing you want to mess around with or take lightly. You need it for doing a good job at work, having solid relationships and functioning at your best. Without a stable mind, your health will suffer, and you’ll start to notice yourself slowly slipping away.

Learn to be kind to yourself and stop putting so much pressure on yourself to succeed and be the best. Educate yourself on what you can do to keep happy and healthy so you can avoid any unwanted consequences from failing to do anything about it. Know that you’ll love the way you feel when you start to care for your mind.

Open up to others

Now is a good time to stop pretending you’re perfect and hiding all that’s going through your mind from others. Everyone’s dealing with various circumstances in their own life, and you’re no different. Find a trusted friend or therapist and open up to them about what you’ve been thinking lately and what keeps you up at night. They’ll likely be able to either relate or give you some sound advice that will help you through your difficult times.

Exercise & Eat Right

Your mind and body work a lot better when they’re in unison. How you treat your body has an impact on your mind and vice versa. This is why it’s important to exercise daily, eat right and get enough sleep. Find physical activities you enjoy doing, and that get your heart rate up. The more you workout, the more your body will crave healthy foods, and you’ll naturally start to take better care of yourself. Keep your mental health in check by paying attention to how you’re treating your mind and body each day. 

Make more Time for you

Sit down and think about what makes you truly happy and do more of it. Make more time for silent reflection, participating in hobbies you enjoy and perhaps watch old movies that make you laugh. Get out your Mt Baker Vapor big bang vape and put your feet up on your patio and let the sunshine hit your face. Teach yourself how to enjoy the moment and not always be busy attending to various tasks.

Maintain A Diary

Having a diary is a great way to release your emotions in a positive manner and help you sort through what’s on your mind. Get in the habit of writing in it regularly, and you’ll find that you feel a lot more at ease from day to day. Read it over consistently and try to pinpoint exactly what’s been bothering you and try to problem solve your way to a better place mentally. Sometimes you don’t even grasp what’s upsetting you until you write it down. 


Take your mental health seriously, and you’ll feel a lot better on a daily basis. Use these tips to help get you started in the right direction and allow you to better manage your stress. You’ll thank yourself down the road when you’re happy and feeling good.

*this is a collaborative post*
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