A simple but delicious salmon recipe…

Salmon features regularly on the menu here and my kids love to eat it, which is great and I love finding new ways to cook and serve it. Salmon is a good source of healthy fats and oils too and it is very versatile, you can prepare and cook it in many ways to suit all palates and it loves to be paired with herbs and other flavours.

I am always looking for recipes that are easy but delicious, and that will go down well with my family. We love eating fish, and because fish is good for us, I often try to incorporate fish as a meal into my weekly meal planning and shopping.

The team at Seasoned Cookery School have come up with a fabulous way to serve salmon, but this is not just ordinary salmon, it’s “planked salmon” using cedar wood planks in a barbecue or grill to help infuse the salmon with real flavour. This method works in a similar way to steaming the fish, and gives it a smokey, woody flavour. Salmon tends to work well when it’s gently cooked at a lower heat, and this way helps to keep all the moisture and flavour in the fish, and works better than the traditional method of cooking over ordinary charcoal. It’s a combination of barbecue, smoking and steaming and the results are a tender, tasty dish.

Using cedar planks which are placed just away from the heat source on your grill or barbecue, you can gently cook the fish, and produce an impressive tasting dish that is actually fairly simple to make once you have done your prep work.


You will need 

4 TBSP Olive oil

4 TBSP Lemon juice

1 Salmon fillet

1 Medium onion, thinly sliced

Salt and pepper to suit taste

Sauce or Marinade of your choice. 

Your grill will need to be pre heated and it’s best to pre soak your cedar planks over night, or for at least a good few hours before you plan to cook. The planks MUST be soaked, or they will burn and smoke too much.

You can find the full recipe and instructions here

and some tips on how to prepare your salmon and the grill or barbecue you are using.

This is a recipe guaranteed to make a change from boring burgers and sausages and perfect if you fancy something different and tasty!

*this is a collaborative post*

You could also try this salmon and salad recipe too, if you love salmon and want to find new ways to dress it up and serve it.

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  1. this recipe sounds like fun, I’m hoping to give it a try! If I don’t have garlic cloves at home, would garlic powder be an acceptable substitute? How much would you recommend using? thanks!

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