Our week in photos Sept 15-22nd 2018

So we stopped our weekly photo updates a while ago, but then I decided that it would be nice to bring them back, mainly as a sort of memory recording for me, but also to show grandparents and family who don’t see everything or who aren’t on other social media with us, what we have been up to. 

We have had tweens going away and having a blast with her new class at school (she came home tired, covered in bruises from wall climbing and zip lining and making rafts) but she still has hair goals that make me envious. I really should let her do my hair, shouldn’t I?

We took a meal to a friend that had just had a new baby (something we like to do if we can) we made cookies, and it’s possible that I may have had a very tough week and resorted to sneaky life essentials to keep me going. 

We have been working on a plan for a special visit to Paradise Wildlife Park next weekend, and we have also literally gone BONKERS for conkers, and we now have so many in the house, that I have lost count. Apparently they ward off spiders. We certainly have enough to do that and then some! 

I discovered that one of my children adores anchovies and of course, we have our obligatory grumpycat photo. What would life be without that?

So that was our week. How was yours?

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