All the things I love about coffee…

If you know me you, you know how much I love my coffee and this post is sharing the top 10 things I love about coffee, just to make sure you know how fond I am of the fragrant and life-giving substance that it is…

Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine is my drug of choice, to put it bluntly. I don’t get a lot of sleep mostly, so coffee helps me to wake up and to stay awake when the night I have just suffered means sleep was less than optional. Coffee in sensible amounts is actually good for you.

Coffee smells amazing. It is comforting, welcoming and invigorating.

Coffee tastes amazing. Unless it has been badly made or is very cheap instant coffee.

Coffee doesn’t have to be expensive and can be as easy or as faffy to make as you want it to be.

Coffee is the husband’s love language to me. He makes me coffee, daily, without fail, unless he is very ill. We also have a coffee machine, that is his substitute when he can’t make me coffee

Coffee, if you source it well, and look for ethical companies, can be a way you can support local and worldwide businesses in a sustainable way

Coffee or drinking coffee with other people, or the simple gesture off offering someone a cup of coffee can be an ice breaker, an conversation starter, or just a nice gesture when you think someone needs something but you aren’t able to offer much other than a warm cup of coffee in their hands and a sympathetic ear.

Coffee can be used in many many things. Cake, chocolate, ice cream spring to mind, or in fancy Italian desserts. I even use old coffee grinds for body scrubs and for packing into plant pots. Coffee filters can be used for all manner of crafts too!

Coffee is medically good for you. Too much coffee or caffeine isn’t, obviously, but in sensible amounts, it has been scientifically proved to have health benefits.

Coffee makes me happy. A hot, fresh cup, a creamy latte, an espresso, an iced coffee in the summer… What is not to love.

Basically coffee, for me, is life. People tell me I should find a substitute, that I am addicted, that I should live without it.

I say… “You can pry my cup of coffee from my cold dead hands”

things I love about coffee...

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