Project 365 – a photo a day 6/12/18 adult life sucks, I want a refund??

2018 has been, like 2017, mostly pants with patches of ok. I kind of feel like adult life seems to be about managing the crap that’s thrown at you whilst pretending you are enjoying it all, and occasionally getting a bit of respite! 
Today has been all levels of pants. This blog was down, again, I haven’t been well, I had a shot in my bum and have been referred to see an ENT, next week I have minor surgery on my knee. Life goes on, people still make demands, children need to be fed and educated, houses kept clean and jobs attended to. 
I’m kind of done. I keep saying “it has to get better” 
Maybe it will. 
In the meantime, I’ve been signed off sick from work til Tuesday next week, I’m not answering any calls, e mails won’t be replied to and if you want me I’ll be binge watching Netflix and Amazon. Oh, and eating soft foods. These coconut chocolate pots are purely medicinal and doctor approved, honest! 

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  1. It’s been like that here too 🙁 I live in hopes for 2019….it has to turn soon, surely! At least I hope you’re soon feeling better and the knee surgery goes well. And fingers crossed for both of us for 2019! (“third year” lucky?!)

    Ps. if that coconut chocolate pot goes missing, it wasn’t me

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