Our Week in Photos 13th – 20th January 2019

Welcome to our week in photos. Mostly an update for the grandparents so they can see what we get up to, and keep up with our crazy. Cats, kids, chaos, usually with cake & coffee thrown in…

What we have been up to?

We have managed to slip back into routine pretty much now, and I am back at work too, which has helped. Life is busy, and it feels like our Christmas break in France was months ago. Back to reality we really go. January and into February are already busy and filling up. Also, I have half term planned already, and we are looking forward to that.

This week it’s a rather tween heavy week (you can catch up with her Tween Takeover Tuesday from last week too if you would like) which is unusual because she is less keen on photos these days, or if she lets me she is fussy about if they are ok to be shared – “My hair isn’t right, don’t share that one!”.  She’s been up to all sorts this week. Shopping with me, cooking with me and also refusing to give up cheese for Veganuary.

Speaking of Veganuary, that there in the photos is a rather good vegan Thai Pasty from our local bakers near where I work. I try not to go in there too often, because carbs tend to be my downfall and I can’t resist so it’s a treat for me to get something from there for lunch.

The boy and I took a trip to the London Wetland Centre, this week, a place we both love, and he gets in free with his Blue Peter Card, which is handy. It was cold but a lovely visit.

I have also been trying out some vegan chocolate and some rather lovely skin oil and a new method of skincare, this week. Self care in 2019 is a big one for me, and little treats are what keep me going sometimes.

My brother in law’s partner introduced us to this lovely rose tea, a while ago. It smells and tastes amazing, and looks pretty too.

And last and not least, because a week with us is not complete unless there’s a cat featured… Poor Layla is not liking this cold snap we are having and takes every opportunity she can to find warm places. My bed when I have vacated it wins first prize. She’s not silly.

So that was our week, how has yours been?

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