Our week in photos – 02/03/19 – 08/03/19 kites, cake, cats…

Welcome to our week in photos. This is our weekly catch up for both sets of grandparents who live abroad and don’t get to be as much a part of the daily madness of our lives as much as we and they would like. So we share here for them to get at least a snippet of what we get up to.

This week has been busy and we have been out and about. We have been to Kew Gardens to see the beautiful orchids, we have flown kites, we have been Jedi Knights, we have rather sedately celebrated World Book Day (well the tween did, this year the boy didn’t dress up) and we have been chasing Pokemon (the boy is OBSESSED).

We have also had first sleepovers at Cubs, (his first ever sleepover, at all) which was apparently amazing, and he slept fine, but was pretty tired and cranky the day after.

We have also had scheduled cats vet visits (not emergency trips for cats that like to get into fights, for once) and we have to keep an eye on Layla, who has lost some weight.

We have eaten well this week, celebrating pancake day (with proper fluffy American style pancakes, which is what we prefer, and we have had some treats that we are reviewing and sharing about next week, including some fabulous Malaysian baked treats and a chocolate tasting event I attended. I have also been trying to eat a little bit more healthily, in between.

This weekend, the tween, and an old friend and I are off to Vegan life live, which should be a lot of fun. The boys are having a boys day off together.

It’s been a busy week. I can’t say I am sad that it’s the weekend. And yes, our post is a day early…

How has your week been?


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